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It's marvellous (possibly TMI)!


Serial Dieter!
Movicol that is.... took one sachet on Monday and two today.... The result?

Normal soft, stool! None of the unpleasant cramps and passing broken glass that you get with Dulcolax or sennakot.... Perfect!

It might not work with the first dose, so you do have to be a bit patient, but after I took two sachets, 4 hours apart, the result was actually that my 'movements were how the used to be pre-CD!

I'd read so much on here about it I though that I might as well try it... after all, I'd got nothing to lose!

I'm so glad I did! Sorry if it's TMI, but I thought that you might like to know!
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Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Another Movicol fan here. I agree sometimes it takes a while to get things moving, and the other week I had to take a few more than that. I take Psyllium husks now to prevent getting constipated again. At some point I'll probably forget then it's back to Movicol.

And a vote for exercise as well. That really helps :)


Serial Dieter!
Thought I was the only insomniac on here! Hello Laura!

I walk 6 miles a day with the dog.... Has no effect whilst I'm doing SS! Wish it did though! (although I might well be worse, if I didn't!)

I take fibre 89 as I can't bear psillium husks and can't swallow the capsules, but, like you, I forget quite often:eek:


please try again
we love movicol here, my wee girl has it everyday, she doesnt go otherwise and lactolose was just rubbish

i take 9 psyllium husks a day ( 3 with a glass of water 30 minutes before a shake ) and am regular, preventions better than cure and all that but im scatter brained so how long before i forget them huh, lol

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