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It's Monday*******lets Do It Hour By Hour****and some pics from the weekend


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning all

Start of another week, 22 days til Christmas :eek::eek:

Good luck with any weigh ins today...

Just got up and sitting with my 1st mug of GT..didn't do too well on the water yesterday so must make more effort today.

5 clients spread out throughout the day, so fairly busy.

Weather is dull grey and blowing a gale so don't think I will be venturing out.

Have a good one
Catch you later

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Good Morning Maggie,and everyone else,

Sounds like a good day cliant wise maggie and it looks best to stay indoors regarding the weather,its soooo cold out there really bitter just had to pop next door for some change so kids could have school dinners today and i am frozen

I had a fantastic weekend and was really lucky with the weather saturday, the day was fab and have posted some pics on the threead that JJJ started for me so if any one would like to see tem go take a look, but just as soon as i have the rest of the piccies sorted out i will put a link in my sig for you all to take a look at the rest of them, THANKYOU all for the congrats n best wishes it really means a lot to me and my Husband, OOOOERRR thats weired typing that lol

right gave myself the weekend off diet wise as there was no way i was going to diet on my wedding day lol, but today is the start of a new week and am going to be back on track as of today have nearly finished 1st ltr water and have had 1 coffee soffee so far, so heres to a good diet day to all of us xxxxx
Morning everyone! I'm on day 6 of my 7 day SS challenge and I'm being weighed tonight! Wish me luck, hoping for any loss at all really. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Kerrie x
Morning all. After a bad diet weekend (and a gain of 4lbs) I'm back on track and ready to go. I'll be ss-ing for a few days. I was supposed to be moving onto 790 but going to wait a while now and see how it goes.

I hope everyone has a good day today!



please try again
morning all, hope everyones well and having a good one

my wee girls got a consultants appointment this morning so im stuck driving across belfast. i hate driving! and its horrible out there

also despite the fact ive only had the car for a couple of months the heater doesnt work and if you dont keep the aircon on then the windowns fog up in seconds

so plz keep ur fingers crossed that we make it there and back in one peice!
Well hello!

Sorry about my severe lack of contact - been working every minute of the day, and managing to fit uni around work (which i wouldnt advise as i've been pulling out my hair due to stress)

Tara honey, massive congrats and you look STUNNING in that dress. Showed my OH your before pic and wedding pic and he was like "you realise they are two different people" hehehe, men are twp. Can't wait to see some more pics. Thought about you all day :D

Well, after struggling to stick to SS while doing training in work and not being able to sip water all day, Nicky and i spoke about me taking a few days off to take some stress off and start SS again when things got a bit easier - so here i am on SS again. I stayed the same weight which was a miracle so i'm hoping for a big loss next week.

Good news though - i got promoted to supervisor in work (so did Oli!) so we are on a higher rate of pay but have to deal with the monkeys that are completely untrained. Almost killed someone who sent out two WARM bottles of champagne to our Area Managers table, blame ame to me of course and if someone else serves ANYTHING in a warm glass i'm going to insert said glass into an uncomfortable place.

Our official opening tonight, but i have to fit in some revision, dissertation work, and a few lectures first :O

Missed you all xxxxxxxx
Hiya Leah

Thankyou so much huni for the congrats & stunning hehe, bless Oli, what are men like eh?

Congrats to both you and Oli on your promotions,good luck with opening night tonight honey,
Well done on staying the same weight and heres to a very good weigh-in next week
Hope you stopped pulling out your wonderfull hair tho babes xx
It needs cutting - i dont trust hairdressers so i'm waiting for my mother to give me a good trim.
Had some trully horrible experiences with hairdressers :( but then i suppose when i ask for two inches off - expecting 8 inches off is normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(
Awww! How sweet are the babies?
Glad to see you and Nicky looking gorgey too! xxxx
well its 12.00 and Im still going strong. Just had first pack, and have had 4 coffees and just under a litre of water so far. I always used to have my first pack at about 10am so Im hoping that holding it off till now will help me later when I get hungry.

Been out and done some christmas shopping this morning. Gonna have a quick read through the posts on here and then get some housework done before the school run.

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