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Its my birthday this weekend

YAY but...:553:

Ohhhhh. My plan is to be on the diet SS up till Thursday when I will have an 810, Friday Im going to have 2 packets and then Im off to TGI's with family and friends. I know I will just eat what I like there. Then Saturday Im having a party. So I will have to eat during the day because I will drink.

I know some will I should just stay SS my way through and there will be other birthdays, but Im 23! Im young and easily persuaded so I though I may as well be realistic about what is going to happen.

SO Sunday, any tips on how to get straight back on and in the zone. I know Ill want to eat as chances are Ill be hungover, but I cant allow myself more time off.

Anyone else had a similar situation???
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Feeling Motivated

I would suggest that on Sunday you load up on as much water as possible to flush the alcohol out of your system, although you will feel like death warmed up! he he

I've been here the day after an event and its not easy as all I wanted was McDonalds! however, just concentrate on getting back into it and distract yourself if you want to eat.

Make sure you have fun on your birthday as well! :D


Happy Birthday for this weekend!
OMG!! Can we come!!!!!!!!!

Go easy on the alcohol, theres an interesting thingy about it, I'll find the link. Drink as much water as you can and have your normal can do attitude! (can you tell Im a teacher!)

You'll be ace, and you better tell us all about it if we arent allowed to come and dribble through the window as you enjoy your TGIs!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bighug: :flowers: :bestwishes: :bunnydance: :wee: :party0019: :party0048:
Haha Tara I love you! Come down to portsmouth and you can join in the festivities! haha yaaay.

Im loving the omlette idea Mama! Eggs are just protein! Then I wont feel too bad about the extra calories.

going to read that link about alcohol now, bet its going to tell me to drink a glass and thats it! haha which I know wont happen... eeek

love xxxxxx
Aw! Forgot you're just down the road!!! X


Feeling Motivated
Mybodyisacage, I will come! I'm about 10 mins from Portsmouth! Woop!

Only joking, I'm apparently too old to go to gunwharf now according to some little girl when I was in the queue for tiger tiger the other day!
Hi Mybodyisacage,
It is also my birthday at the wkend too, but unlike you have I have chosen to stay on the SS - Boring I know!! Not all at a loss though going pics with the hubby and taking a cd Bar and lots of water, so like I will be having a treat.
I have just got to the stage where I am so fed up with how I look, I want a fit body more (my birthday present to me...lol) - will be making up for it at xmas instead!
Hope you have a fantastic time and have a drink for me xx ;)


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi,hope you have a lovely birthday,its mine next week and to be honest i just want it to come and go quickly,I darent come off cd or I dont think I will ever get back on.You do whatever you feel you want to,but from my past experience you need to get straight back to it the next day,have a great time ....wish I was 23 lol x
Lauren - Your only 2 years older than me! stupid kids, I was checking littlens into halls in portsmouth this weekend, born in 93! so wrong! Im not going out anyway, having a house party - very brave of me! haha

Gizbok - I wish I had your will power but I dont! But I will be straight back on it after, otherwise I fully expect everyone to tell me off! That goes for you too Andju! I need people kicking my butt if I come on here next monday making excuses! haha

I have a driving test monday too :/ its all going on!

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