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It's nearly the weekend!

Fabulous, but it is a time when if I am going to wobbley this is it. Normal routine goes out the window, everyone else in the house seems to always be on a munch mission and meals are eaten all over the place. I loose the will to live from Friday night to Sunday night and cann't wait for Monday morning, peace and quiet, routine and sannity to return. Am I alone in hateing weekends or should I just get a life and go out more other than to Morrisons and Aldi.

God the Mousaka is smelling - how do they say "caramalised" or BURNT in my language Just got a waft of it comming through the house. Maybe I won't have to eat it tonight after all. Better go and check on the lad and see if he's putting the fire out.
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I have a busy weekend ahead so I'm going to plan my food around it. When I know I can't be in control e.g. going round to friends for Sunday lunch this time, then I give myself a flexi-day and do my best to make the best choices. At home I'm in charge of the food shopping and cooking so if I don't buy it, we can't eat it! I do have very supportive hubbie and kids though.


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I've been good all week, and I used to kybosh it at the weekends, but just lately I've managed to stay on the straight and narrow. We even cut back the alcohol to 2 bottles for Friday and Sat! (1 each night) I think it's finally getting through that this time I really need to get to target, and if I fanny around like all the times before it wont happen. Now if I could on crack the execise lark :rolleyes:
I hate weekends too...... I'm normally in the house which means the kitchen isnt too far away, big mistake. ... I eat so well in the week and always feel the weekends are wasted... I never go over what i should have but i have more than i really need. I fi go to see friends i take fruit and drink lots of black coffee and water, but when i get home i normally want something prop to eat so end up eating late, which im sure that doesnt help.

Oh well it will soon be monday morning and i'll be wishing friday to come lol


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I find im better on the weekend than during the week, I work full time in the week but have another job where i work 10 hour night shifts over the weekend, so im either working or sleeping, no time for munching Lol

My OH always makes the biggest SW friendly roast dinner on a sundays so thats my favourite day, lots of roast parsnips Mmmm!

:0) Xxx

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