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It's new day it's a new dawn

25lbs in 2 weeks.

Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me, yeah, its a new dawn its a new day its a new life for me . AND I'M FEELING GOOD.

Weighed myself today becuase I might not be able to tomorrow. Weight going quickly, inches going quickly, life just could not be better.

Isis I am very sorry but very happy. Scales I love you.
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Wow well done ....what an amazing loss, keep up the great work.
Did you do your before measurements ????? would be interesting to see how much you have lost.....!
well dun hun that is reallly great weight losss :d

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
dun dun dunn duun dunnnn Feeeeling GOOOOOOOOODDDDD I bet you are !

You should be so proud.. I am proud of you for you !

You are doing so amazingly.. and are so committed... I know I know some people say (in the past threads).. 'Oh you are a man you lose it faster' But to be honest I think that takes away from the fact that your loss is totally inspirational and only done through hard work and sheer determination... So I think we ladies should be banned from saying that to mister mark anymore.. as it takes away from his achievement...yes yes .. it helps a little... but DAMN !! 25lbs...
You are my little success story I tell people about when I speak about the diet.

I am so happy for you Mark.. truly you and the others do keep me going


And I bet you will be meeting up with bigger friends soon! ;)
Thank you very much Short and Gorgeous, makes me fussy all over. Seriously though thank you and to everyone. I am proud of myself long may it last.

Oh and Short and Gorgeous, the meeting has already taken place.
i am sooo proud of u too hunnzz :D...u are doin relii well and u are inspiring me to go far on this diet..:D
you mean a lot to usss hun!!! u keep us on track hehe...
Woot!! What an inspiration - well done Mark!!
Thanks thentherewasme, I am sure you will do just as well, in fact I know you will do well. Hang in there. I have to admit your username takes some typing.


is slowly shrinking
funny enough i mentioned you to my neighbour mark also on how much you have lost. i am sooooooooooooo jelous, dreading my weigh in 2moro cause if i don;t lose i will be gutted.
by the way i think i will abbrv ttwm
Calli, I am sure you will have lost some weight, in fact I am sure of it so i will wait with baited breath and see if the scales show you any love tomorrow morning?

Thanks Nyree much better.

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