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Its official.. Minimins IS bad for your health ;)

Was sitting earlier and thought my leg was really achy, just at the top at my thigh, couldnt figure out what it was.

Was on the phone to my mum there and realised the top of my leg is all swollen :eek: Got off the phone mega quick & phoned NHS 24 for advice....

Went through all my symptoms... no rash, no hard swelling, no discolouring, no pain as such just an ache and this swelling at the outside of my thigh... sort of a handspan size swelling.. the nurse admitted he didnt really know what it was but wasnt overly concerned, didnt think it was a clot. Told me to take painkillers and apply a cold compress & see how it was in an hour or so.

Phoned back my very relieved mum to tell her..... while I was chatting I sat down at the PC again and realised........... for some reason I sit lopsided, leaning on my right, so my big fat leg gets pushed against the chair arm and the handspan sized hole in it :eek:

So its official... Ive got Miniminitis... I need to get offline more :eek:
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Finally...Life begins
LOL SOrry I shouldnt laugh, but that really made me LOL - very Loudly.

Hope you get better soon!!


Still Climbing That Hill!
hee hee you naughty girl :D:D:D


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Oh Sandy hun!!!!

I hope you have recovered from the shock but oh my you did make me laugh....just the way you described it all!!!

Lacey..xxx :eek::D


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Awwww....bless ya....:)

Maybe you should invest in a new chair without spaces? Better than getting a shock like that again darling!!! ;):D

That is soooooooo funny!!!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!

I wish I could have seen your face when you realised what it was, lol!!!!

Priceless, heehee
Have you found a cure in case some of us come down with symptoms?

Is a numb bum a symptom?

I'm worried now!! :D xxx
Have you found a cure in case some of us come down with symptoms?

Is a numb bum a symptom?

I'm worried now!! :D xxx
Numb bum could be the start of your problems ;)

Just dont phone for emergency medical advise like I did, God Ill be mortified if my doctor asks about it next time I see him, apparantly NHS24 send a note to your doctor if you call them :eek:

OMG - that's brilliant!......

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