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its official!!


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thought i'd introduce myself as i'm planning on using this forum loads.
i'm joanne,i'm 29 and atm weigh 19 5.5lbs.
i went to the pharmacy this morning and i am now on day one of lipotrim.
i feel really positive about finally shifting my weight.i am prepared for the days when i dont feel that great and am hoping you lovely ppl on here will help me through them,as i will try to do for others.
i've been really inspired by everybodys weightlosses,will power and sheer determination to succeed.
look forward to sharing this journey with you all xx:D
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HI JOanne

Welcome to this fab forum and to the wonders of Lipotrim :)
I'm loving the LT and very excited for all the new people just starting out to have similarly enjoyable weight loss experiences as I've had so far!

This is a great plan, it reallt works so long as you stick to it 100% and you will see the weight fall off, honestly!

All the best!


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Welcome to the forum, it really will become your best friend over the next how many weeks/months you plan on being on LT.

I started out at the end of january just 1lb heavier than you and if you stick to it 100% the weeks fly and you start to feel fab :)

Once you are over the first few days the rest should hopefully be a breeze :) xx


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thanks guys x you both look fab btw x
already weeing for wales which is a pain but gotta be good lol x
i'm planning on staying on it for as long as it takes or as long as i can bear too.
think i'm more likely to do it as food is a total no no.not an option so cant have it.
as many ppl have said before,other diets allow you to eat which is a problem for me coz i dont stop once i start x
Hi Tafflass!

welcome!! good luck on your journey - like summer said, after the first few days it really is a breeze. what you say about this being good because food is a no no is exactly where i was. it's brilliant not having to make the right choice, as there is no choice!! and all the time you stay on it you get to think about what you will do differently, think about your relationship with food etc and hopefully you come out the other end slim and prepared!! xxx


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Hiya Tafflass welcome aboard :) Good Luck with the LT and if you have any questions or just want a chat we are all here.
Hey Tafflass and welcome to the forum. I am new here as well started LT on 25th July. So on day 5!! I am 28 and i don't live that far from you lol!! I can honestly say the key is to get that water down you i manage 4L a day and have not had any side effects as yet. You are def right that food not being on the menu helps you stick to it. I can't wait for my first way in. Looks like this is what we will be doing to pass away the weeks/months to come chatting on here. everyone is very supportive and full of lots of advice and info its fantastic good luck.....;)
Welcome & Good Luck!

LiSe Xx


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Hi Tafflass,
welcome, keep going, stay positive and always remember why you are doing this diet!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Tafflass

Welcome and good luck on your LT journey.

Best decision I ever made and 11 weeks on, I would never change the last few weeks. It has been revelation.

Just use the time wisely; look reasons why you overeat and trigger points. This will stand you in good stead when you finish LT and be able to maintain.

Have your three shakes a day, drink as much water as you can (up to 4ltrs) and enjoy! Never be negative, just keep positive and try and see the good in every situation. This isnt forever and is like a little food holiday! Enjoy, it is quite liberating cooking and knowing I dont have to eat it.

I am sure you will do ok, but just keep jumping on here whenever you can and you wont look back.

Take care

Welcome & good luck with your journey! The days when you don't feel great really aren't all that bad if you keep in mind where you want to go :)


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