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Its official.................

I just simply cannot make SW chips...
I have tried everything and they are always a disaster...
I have tried making them big, making them small, par boiling and not par boiling, putting them in oven wet and dry, tried all different kinds of potatoes.
SIGH..... it just never works for me.
Guess I was just made for lovin... not cookin
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Me neither!!!

I finally solved it by buying one of chip fryers that only use a spoonful of oil. I just give a quick spray of frylight instead. They turn out wonderful now.

The best thing of all is - it doesn't just cook chips. I have done chilli in it, and for cooking sausages it is brilliant!
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I bought some McCains Rustic Oven Chips from Tesco (on offer @ £1 for 1kg) and I had 400g for 2 syns on a green day - they were delicious, quick thick cut and filling, I would recommend them.


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My SW chips don't have the crispness of the real ones, but I have come to prefer them. There's a "sweetness" in the flavour . Could be the satisfaction that they are free and I can have as many as I like :D !
I do mine quite thick, par boil them for a few minutes and dry them with some kitchen towel. I heat the oven tray and then spray it with frylight and season it with salt and pepper. I then put the chips on the tray and spray them with frylight and sprinkle with salt and pepper. I cook mine a lower heat for longer say 160/170 and spray with frylight every so often, they take longer to cook but turn out alot better than if they are cooked quicker.


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I never get mine to work when I use Frylight. So I use olive oil as a HEB - just put it in your baking dish in the oven while you par boil your chips. I crank the oven up to the highest temperature. Your get that satisfying sizzle when you add the chips to the hot oil. I've found I need to leave them in the oven longer than most people say - 45 mins - and I sprinkle with BBQ seasoning half way through, then toss and sprinkle again 10 minutes later.
I can't cook them either and I am positive when they are featured in SW magazine that they are "real" chips so they look appealing. I now syn oven chips if I want chips ..its far less hassle and nicer.
I always had problems with making the slimming world chips. They always came out soggy!

Eventually I found that if you par boil them and then let them cool for about 1hour in the fridge (even 30 mins seems to do the trick) and then put them in the oven they do go quite crispy.

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