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It's oh so quiet....


Getting her sparkle back
yes its been very quiet round here lately. i stayed on tfr over christmas and managed ok although wanted to eat everything i didnt lol and feel good that i didnt, how did you get on? x x

oh just realised im in the wrong section should be in lipotrim sorry x x x
Hey Hannah
Was very conscious of what I was eating and decided to start my 100 days this morning. Am two packs down and feeling very positive and optimistic!
I was starting to think I was the only person popping on here over the holidays! I've been sticking to abstinence 100% as I thought I'd never make it back onto the plan if I lapsed (whether planned or not). I'm proud that I managed it, but it's been SO hard at times!!

How's everyone else doing?

Good luck, preeti! LL is amazing. The 100 days will zoom by before you know it and you'll be so glad you chose to give it a go!


Getting her sparkle back
Thats fab Preeti, good luck you can do it!! :)

Well done Spangly! I have so much admiration for those who stayed abstinent over Xmas, you have the willpower of a superhero! You are doing so, so, so well!
Hi all!

I stayed on abstinence over Christmas as well - even though I start on RTM tomorrow!!! I had a few really tough days - one where my favourite cheesecake made me cry (it didn't do anything nasty, was just there right in front of me!!!) but I've come out the other side and I feel really proud!!

Tomorrow is my first day of RTM and I'm at a wedding all day, am excited and nervous - I'm planning on just eating the protein from the main course and then sticking to my packs the rest of the day but it might be hard and I'm thinking of it almost as a semi-planned lapse just in case I do go a little haywire.... Hopefully though I'll be able to just have what I've planned, we'll see!!!

Well done on starting LL Preeti - like Spanglymum says, the 100 days really do fly past and you feel and look SO good if you stick with it - the sense of achievement and the confidence it gives you is AMAZING!!!! Best of luck!!!!



Getting her sparkle back
Well done Laura!!

Good luck with RTM :) It is a vital part of the LL journey, and enjoy the wedding. RTM is all about making your own decisions so don't beat yourself up if you go off plan, RTM prepares you for the 'rest of your life' and it's all about making choices.

Well done on your fantastic weight loss :)

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