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It's pretty quiet here tonight ... bra talk & anything else you wanna chat about LOL

Well I would have been on here but had a bit of a disaster tonight. Daughter went to toilet and shouted that it was broken. As the handle keeps unattached I just shouted up that it was ok and I would sort it later. She said, 'No! It's really broken and leaking everywhere!' Son and I rushed upstairs to a flood. The cistern is cracked all down one side and to a whole on the bottom. Must have used about 20 towels to soak it up because we couldn't get anything under the leak. We stopped it filling up and just let it leak out and clean up! Good job we have two other toilets in the house! I now have tons of washing to do. :mad:
I love going down bra sizes coz Ive got mahoosive mamboonas!! I carry all my weight on them and its a reet pain, at least when I lose weight it does come off them.

Know what you mean about it being a bit quiet, its been an odd day all round, gonna have an early night with a magazine, and be back tomorra x


Shut up Ethel
I found a lovely bra in M&S tonight and I would have bought it, had they had the matchy matchy pants. They didn't. Waaaah. Size 8, 10, 22. Hmmmmm....takes me long enough to find a bra in the right size then they can't even supply my size knickers to go with!

It was lovely though, I might try again somewhere else. Plus cheap - only £16, and a lot of bra for the money, too.

sorry about your leak reject doll. Mare.

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Mahoosive mamboonas lol... only you could call your boobs this. Fantastic hun. Hope you're okay. Have a nice magazine read in bed and see you tomorrow. Nite Lovely Lady xxx
Well son rang his dad who is with his plumber mate tonight but as my ex never does me any favours (even though it's the kid's bathroom!) I am not going to hold my breath. I shall leave it over weekend because I don't want a weekend call out charge. It's not leaking now and we can use other toilets luckily.


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Ah Rejectdoll no way, absolute nightmare. I had a leak from my attic all the way down to my kitchen a few weeks ago. The tank up there had cracked. I thought it was gonna cost a ton of money to get it sorted but I ended up getting a local plumber and he managed to do something or other with it. Got it completely fixed and only charged me €90, bargain or what. Fingers crossed it doesn't cost you a fortune either.
And Sunshine Singer, I definitely need to get measured for a new bra, I was a 42E but now I can barely manage to fill a d-cup, think I'm about a 38C now, if even, my sisters all have fairly big boobs, and they keep taking the p*ss now :) Think I'll head to M&S in the morning actually and get measured as well

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Nice one Liz. I always find their sizes fit me really well but they haven't had a lot in at my local store. I'll get measured and buy one to keep me going. In a couple of weeks my sis is over and we're off to do some serios shopping in London so I might indulge then xxx
Son is going to badger his dad tomorrow so we'll see what happens. I have a busy weekend with a dance competition on Sunday so I don't need this! I would really like some GOOD luck for a change!

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Downsey...great what time shall we meet at Marks in the morning lol!!!

It always feels great when you get the right sized bra xxx

what a thread....so far..we have bra fittings and shrinking boobs and leaking toilets!!! Jaysus we can chat about anything lol xxxxxxxxxxx
Lol well you did say ANYTHING! And toilets are very necessary on this diet! What would I do if it was my only one? Would be even more of a nightmare.
Sorry girls, I was so slow typing that last message I missed out loads. Liz, I absolutely love M&S underwear but I've recently found LaSenza and now I'm their biggest customer, I have loads of their bra sets. Plus they have a sale at the moment which is fantastic, €5 bras so probably only about £3-4, you can't go wrong.

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Oohh RejectDoll, i forgot you said you're a dancer. Good luck for this weekend with that. What style?

I've gotta learn hiphop for my sisters hen weekend . have a student of mine gonna teach me and sis soon just so we don;t look like complete wallies on the day..... dance routine and then made into a dance video heheheheheheh x

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Rejectdoll....absolutly....i did say 'anything' and i really meant it. so nice to see some fellow peeps on here xxx

Lasenza....i'm not a huge fan. I do look tho but only ever bought one bra from them. I'll look there tomorrow anyway x never know
This weekend is classical sequence, modern sequence and latin sequence. It's my daughters competition and I partner her. It's Midland Area IDTA Nationwide Medallist Competition.

We also both do ballroom, latin, freestyle/disco, street/hip-hop, rock n roll, salsa etc.....
To be honest not brilliant. Saturday mornings I struggle but I have half hour private lesson with daughter, followed by latin class, followed by show dance class (we are doing a salsa and Argentine Tango) then freestyle class so it is all high energy. Last two weeks I have managed it all but then come home and collapsed for afternoon! Friday nights have been ok until tonight but did more tonight. Half hour with daughter then an hour ballroom with another girl I partner. She is working towards medals so meant it was a bit tougher tonight. Monday and Tuesdays I am ok because they are only an hour each. Thursdays I have temporarily given up but will go back during the summer.

My CDC suggested having chicken and salad on a Saturday if I need it but to be honest I don't think it would help. It's the fact I am going with only having a shake for breakfast which just doesn't stoke the engine for so much dancing!

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That's why I was asking. I used to do loads of exercise before CD which I fully intend on going back to as I miss it. However I'm on 810 and haven't got the energy to do much at all. It's only today i feel like i have more than usual (altho i have a flipping bug thing) so may go to the gym with oh first thing and see how I do. I'm curious at this stage.

Poor you tho, thats a hell of a lot to do on such low calories. I'm suprised your cdc didn't suggest you starting on a higher plan for that reason. Mine insisted I start on 810 due to my hectic lifestyle.


Shut up Ethel
Wow rejectdoll that is a LOT of dancing on sub-500 calories!

Funny that dancing should come up. I am at totally the other end of the spectrum and am looking at a 12 week beginner's dance course to start in September. I can just about shake my booty on a dance floor in totally uncoordinated style, so will be good to learn how its meant to be done!

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