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It's SATURDAY AND SPOOKY'S BIRTHDAY**Lets do it hour by hour**


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Morning all

Happy Birthday Nicky :D xxx

I have had a sneaky weigin this morning and I am another 1 1/2 lbs down..so fairly happy about that.

1 GT already and water started..I am going to be strong, I really need to get at least another 7lbs off in the next 2 weeks. I know I can do it and I WILL do it.
Keep pushing me !!!

Have a good day everyone

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Morning Maggie

Come on lady you know you can do it, stay strong and the rate you are going at that 7lbs will soon be history!

It's SATURDAY YEAH!!!! No plans at the moment so will just enjoy some time in my jim jams before getting up.

Thought it might give some people a laugh! My mum dared me on holiday to have my picture taken, naked in a shower cap as she said it was the most truly unattractive thing regardless of whether you are slim or not...... SHE WAS RIGHT!!


Hi all, thank god its saturday and its weigh in day for me:eek::eek::eek:.
well still full off flu and got mega dodgy/sore tummy from taking that dulco-lax or whatever its called.
Georgie love the picture it made me smile but you look fab as always.
Maggie you will get those 7 pounds of because you are determined to.
Nicky happy birthday i hope you have a fab day.


Needs a flattering photo


Have a great day, hope you get lots of presents and are spoilt rotten by your family

Happy about my 1st week 7lb loss last night :D
Good Morning Everyone,

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKY hope you have a fabby day xxxx

Maggie good morning hun, YOU will shift that 7lb cos you can, well done ont the water and gt already xx

Georgie i to am loveing your new pic looking fabby as ever, enjoy relaxing in your jim jams xx

Lolly good luck with weigh in xx
Georgie, how wonderful you look as always, made me smile as always too:D

Saff, well done on the weigh in this week, you look brilliant, all the hard work has paid off :D

HedgeMag, go get em tiger, 7lb in the next 2 weeks is doable, we just gotta to cd and let the pounds fall off....EASY :D

Lolly, I hope you feel better most sooney, big hugs xxx:D

Happy Birthday Spooks, just been on your Birthday thread, have a fabby day :D well done on the weight loss too :D

Day four of my prep week today, I JUMPED ON THE SCALES FOR A SNEAKY PEEK TOO, been doing it for the past 2 days and the pounds have been coming off thankfully, 6 LBS LIGHTER THIS MORNING yey and still got a pink stick too, although I think I need to buy some more when we're out later, they say to use within 6 months of opening and I think it's coming to that stage now, also, they look a little bit dried out, the fluff is almost white now. I'd hate for them to give me a positive when really I was a negative...oh no, perish the thought :eek:

have a great day people :D:tear_drop::D:tear_drop::D:tear_drop: I really got to up my water BIG TIME.



MUST get a grip
Sat schedule

Morning Peepes
I have already decided that if I want to I'm gonna have 4 pks Sun, I can have 4 today as I only had 2 Thu with all the nasty tum business.
I'm off now to get dressed and take my dog for a nice monring run - well he can run whilst I wander round chucking his ball for him!
Then I will go over to my mums, we are going into town - I'm just going for the trip (we must go to M & S I've already advised her I am NOT going in the FOODHALL - noway!). When we get back I'm having a soup then cutting my dads hair.
My kids always stay at my Mums Fri so then we'll come home in the afternoon - I might take the dog back out for a little run.
I'll probably be back on here after that to keep myself from my weekend demons - & trust me my weekend demons are stonkers!
Have a gr8 day, good luck all of you and I'll c ya l8r!
Love Clare


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Gooooooooooooooood morning everyone

Just got up, after a great night's sleep, slept for 9 hours, only woke up twice to pee. I feel great this morning, positive again, I'm not going to eat today, I'm going to have my 4 sachets and that's it. I'm a mouthful of water down, haven't had coffee yet, cos I've only been up for 5 mins.

Happy Birthday Nicky mwah

I just have to say, thank you to everyone who gave me their support yesterday, Nicky, Maggie, Lou, Plus, so many of you I can't think of all your names, so can I just say a collective big thank you. :flowers: :grouphugg:
good morning all. Happy birthday Nicky. Georgie, pmsl at your avatar you crazy fool. Am loving the new pic in yoru signature as well. You are looking sooooo skinny these days.

Yesterday was a real bad day for me, so a fresh start for me today. I am really disappointed in myself and determined to shift this lard once and for all.
Go go Sam you can do this hun, one day at a time! Thannks for the compliment, feel like a heffer today TOTM!!

I am pleased to report I have now "Been", it was like being a kid again, had to stop myself callling to my husband that I had finished!!


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