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Its SATURDAY ** Lets do it hour by hour **


Im just me!
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Good Morning all,
I beat everyone to it this morning!! Up early couldnt sleep,bit pissed off acutally.:(
Since started the cambridge diet this has really effected my relation ship with me and my partner ,when ever he wants to go for a meal i say no i can,he is getting fed up with it,to cut the story short!
We have a party tonight i said im only drink water and he went mental about it -plus at a hall no water, i would of drunk something else,but we cant on this,im less then 8lb away from goal,any1 have any advice,as dont wanna loss what i have got or put the weight on.
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Think of all the parties you'll be going to in a month, where you will have the knowledge that you did something for you and achieved it! He's put up with this for so long, so what is another month? Volunteer to drive!:D

Off into Birmingham again today to buy the dress that I saw yesterday, and didn't. Also liked another one, so will get that too, and when I come home OH will say
'They both look great, have them both cos you've done so well!'
Well thats my cunning plan anyway. Cunning plans have gone awry in the past, but this one can't fail. Can it?:confused:


Im just me!
S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
I no what ur saying i have already tried that 1 i have lost 2 stone and he tells me i look amazing,i just wanna do the last bit my self,woundering if i should start working up the plans?


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Morning everyone! Nothing makes you stick to a diet like the fact an ex boyfriend intending to visit! Need to lose 2 stone by tomorrow-ha-at least I will stick to sole source today! Last saw him 8 years ago but we went out together 30 years ago!

Lisa Marie

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Hi Gemma personally I wouldn't sabotage it for the sake of a couple of nights out. You'll have that 8lbs off in no time if you stick with the SS, it's prob only gonna be 3/4 weeks at the most. Try drinking soda water tonight, good luck whatever you decide and have a fab night.


MUST get a grip
Morning Gang

Happy Saturday! I was woken at 05:30hrs as my son aged 9 isnt well - we're off to the Drs shortly as I think he's got tonsilitus.... Well he would its the weekend, poor chap....

I am lucky today tho as his dad is off work and will come and sit with him for a while so I can go out and get the shopping etc with Georgia (my little girl)....

Nothing much planned apart from another CD Day... I have the papers and I've been lent Stardust to watch this evening,

Right - catch up later!

Susan & Georgie have a lovely day with your families.... Catch up 2morr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Morning all :D

your poor son T4M :( tonsilitis is horrible - hope the doc fixes him up with the necessary and he's soon on the mend.

We're shopping today and fruit bush planting - need the dh for the digging, have decided I'm not on enough calories for that!


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Morning all :wavey:

Give your son a big hug from us here hope he feels better soon t4m .

Well Ive been a bit constipated for a few days so got up early this morn jumped on scales put on .4 of lb then refused to leave bathroom till Id been to the loo:sick0019:. Well I have read half a novel and lost 1 hour 10mins of my day:eek: and ...... having jumped back on the scales lost 1.5lb:D and feel soooo much better .Sorry if to much info but felt the need to share :rotflmao:

Will be very busy today got to prepare food and decs for sisters suprise 40th tonight ,not looking forward to it as I have totm food cravings going on and struggling not to eat but have got some vick to rub under my nose so I cant smell as much hope it works or you lots may need your best :whoopass:eek:n tommorow to help get me back on track.

have a great weekend everyone GL with any WI .

going to pick up 100 fresh bread buns now say a few prayers for me I going into the kitchen I may be some time but Ill be back .

HI Gemma, its probably a bit sad but you could bring a big bottle of water and put it behind the bar or keep is somewhere close by. Thats what i would do but i am a bit sad.

Relationships are hard especially when it affects your social life together the other person can get resentful as they think you not eating or drinking will ruin their night (For some reason) guess that says more about them. Plus SS can make you a bit depressed for this and other reasons. just tell him that you are doing this for yourself and you are not going to let it ruin both of your nights. its not forever.:rolleyes:
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Morning all

Snuggled up on the sofa in my dressing down at the moment but off to Brum to see the in-laws so must get a shift on soon... maybe just a cup of tea and a ciggie first though!

Sorry about your son Clare, sounds painful, hope the doctor can give him something to make it a bit more comfortable xx

Gem, really difficult situation for you hun but I think you need to stick with this for you, it's not for too much longer. Have you tried having a chat with your OH about how you feel?

Hope everyone has a great weekend.



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Hi Gemma, hope your party goes well, whatever you decide to do. as Lou suggested maybe take a bottle of water and ask them to keep it behind the bar if you don't think they'll have some already..

your partner probably doesn't understand the impact it would have on your self esteem when you make it to goal. even though less than 8lbs is not very far off and could hardly be called a failure, it's not the magic goal number!! it's a mental thing. yes he may think you look fab, but you want to reach that target you set yourself!!

Mandy - good luck!!! rather you than me!!! :sign0151:


Im just me!
S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
hey guys,
thanks for all your replies,today i have come on ss and going bk to this tomorrow after the party,not planning to drink tho! i have done this b4 and was fine


MUST get a grip
Sounds like you'll be fine at the party hun - I actually dont even wanna drink at the moment, I went to a 30th last week and wasnt bothered at all about not drinking. I was the taxi which everyone was most happy about as we saved a bloody fortune in cab fares. My drinks were free as the didnt sell bottle sparkling water, only soda water and I took my water flavouring with me. I wasnt bothered at all about the party food, it was just night to be out with everyone.

Hope everyone else is having a good day xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hey guys, just back from shopping with my mum.Had a great day clothes in a 22 fit me im amazed!! Got a fab bag for 80euro thought himself would kill me but he didnt! i deserve it i told him not wasting money on takeaways anymore!! Clare woops thought that was this weeks loss for you! tomorrow is my weigh in am dreading it!!
hope everyone having a good day.anyways chat later!



MUST get a grip
Oh Beck - thats my last weeks weigh in.... I'm not seeing CDC this week and as it happens I think scales are stuck AGAIN, mind you TOTM looming???? Still sticking to everything 100% so I'm not even worried, bothered or upset at all - I know it'll shift maybe even as late as last time when scales never budged for 12 days - totally chilled about the whole damn thing - I'm a new person, I must be!!!!!!!

The bag sounds divine - I need a new bag, I've love a Radley but hey who the heck wouldnt!!!!!!
you sound in top form over the sticking scales thats the best way no point getting worked up bout it. Yeah the bag is fab. Im a bit of an addict to bags i have waaaay to many my whole spare room is lined with bags! every colour shape size you name it i have it!!


MUST get a grip
you sound in top form over the sticking scales thats the best way no point getting worked up bout it. Yeah the bag is fab. Im a bit of an addict to bags i have waaaay to many my whole spare room is lined with bags! every colour shape size you name it i have it!!
Have a lovely rest of the day - I'm popping to Tesco Express to get some supplies for the kids, totally loving Saturday doing nothing and its the kids treat of McDonalds for T, so I've not gotta cook! Which is even better...... xxxx

PS - A girl can never have toooooooooooooooooo many bags, shoes or boots hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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hello everyone , hey clare my almost neighbor....

Ok Girls. I am totally struggling today. It could be the day I break. I am on 4 packs a day. Already had 2. I am so hungry and I have a banging headache. It's week 3 and I don't want to break, I thought the hard part was behind me and now today I feel rubbish.. Anyone with any ideas? xx

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