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IT'S SUNDAY!! xx Let's do it Hour by Hour xx

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OMG, starting a daily for the first time ever!!

Morning gang

Not sure what is wrong with me but I have a complete inability to lie in these days. Am snuggled up on the sofa with my fleecy blanket and surrounded by pussy cats.

Made the mistake on Friday of taking some extra Fibre89 as didn't think I'd been for a while..... well to say I could have blown myself to the moon is an understatement... TMI??!

Went to see parents yesterday and Mum was absolutely gushing, coupled with all your kind comments to my pics thread I am on a high at the moment!

Off to M&S today in search of a new bra as, just like me, my current one's are getting a bit baggy!!

Have great days everyone.

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OOpps we must have crossed Georgie..sorry

I'm up watching the chinese GP...
Glad you had a good day with your parents yesterday, bet they were really proud of you.

Back to the GP
Check in later
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Morning Maggie

Oops, was going to delete mine but not sure how!! Hubby and I also have Chinese GP on - enjoy!

Morning Maggie and Georgie

That must have been a great feeling when you saw your Mum Georgie - i'm so glad she was full of praise for you - and quite rightly too:D
You sound so lovely and snugly this morning! I LOVE cats but mine is living with my Mum at the moment. Infact, she has lived there for the past 18 months! She was only meant to stay there for a week while i moved house! When my Dad died a year ago i decided to leave her with my Mum as she is so affectionate and looks after my Mum:)

Had a bit of a blip last night - ooops. Lost count with the fruit and then had a pack of loveheart sweets ( i got for my birthday AND which i dont even like!)plus an old sweet christmas cane (you know those stripy things you can get at christmas) which was so old it wa s soft! lol. First time i have slipped up like that with sweets during the past 13 weeks but i was craving really badly for some reason and i gave in:(

Feeling positive this morning though and going to be very careful from now on!
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Morning JJJ

They are wonderful aren't they I have four of the darlings although sometimes it would be nice to have the sofa to myself. Thanks for your lovely comments I am feeling really positive at the moment.

As for your blip, on the bright side at least it wasn't something fatty, just sugar, leap around a bit today and you should burn it off. I haven't had love hearts for years but used to love them as a kid along with Sherbert Dips and Refreshers oh and flying saucers!!

<<whispers>> morning ladies
Have a hangover.... went out for Hubby's birthday last night. Not used to drinking any more. Didn't have much though!!

Have a kids party later...eeek!!

See you all when the paracetamol have kicked in!


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Back to the PC now Lewis is out of the GP....lost interest now!:mad:

Glad you had a great evening Nikki...I'll type very quitely! :D

Just had a hot summer fruit and 1/2 litre.

A few chores to do this morning then it's off to work at 1pm til 9pm....had a few days off so mustn't complain.

Morning JJJ, forget last night today is a new day, get some water down, put some music on and dance about for a while, it's enjoyable and burn those calories.:D

Have a great day all
Catch you later

<whispers> morning Nicky, hope the paracetamol kick in soon sweetie xx

Georgie, i used to love those flying saucers as well! God, dont get me started on sweets. Have you seen that website where you can get all the sweets from the 70s,80s etc? It is so good!:D I'm going to have a look now - just window shopping:D

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Morning everyone, im glad to hear that everyones good this morning with the exception of your hangover Nicky! I have just one cat and i adore her, shes my baby, im thinking of getting another around christmas time when i have a couple of weeks off work but im not sure how Sunny would react, shes really timmid.

Well the tattoo convention was really fun yesterday, i forgot to take my flipping camera in the rush to leave the house, i was disappointed as there was some strange sights there that i would love to have got a pic of.
I also got a lovely pair of new shoes from faith when we were on our way back, they are black open toed with a gold buckle, very high and not practicle at all - my favourite kind! they make my short stumpy legs look longer so its all good! I also got some new pajamas with cupcakes on them - if i cant eat them i may aswell wear them.

Anyway im off to snuggle up on the sofa with my blanket, sunny and some water so watch tv before DH gets up.

Enjoy your days everyone xxx


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What web site is that JJJ....I just LUV flying saucers....and Sherbet fountains with the stick of liquorice...Oh don't get me started, I work in a sweet shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good Morning

Sounds like everyones is up bright and early..... I love early mornings in the Autum....

Lots of you nearly there, wow, you must be so pleased....

LOL on the soft christmas candy,,,,

Here's to goal for Xmas...... :party0038:
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Morning everyone. I've been up watching the GP, but I too have lost interest now Hamilton is out. I've got go through all this again in 2 weeks when it's Brazil!

Georgie, glad your visit to the parents was so good. From seeing your picture I'm not surprised your Mum was gushing! Have a good shopping trip. I love buying underwear these days when all I used to buy was plain bras and Bridget Jones pants!

JJJ, don't worry about the blip - you sound very positive today, so go girl. Could you post a link to the sweetie website I'd love to have a look ;).

Nicky, take it easy until the paracetamol kick in. Methinks you are going to need to build up your strength for this afternoon. We'll play quietly on here till you're better :)

Have a nice morning Maggie, and don't work too hard this afternoon.
I cant remember the bloody website name now!!! BUT i just googled "sweets" and "nostalgic sweets" and LOADS of sites came up which are very very similar......they all sell much the same - wham bars, mojos, blackjacks, choc mice, etc etc (wont say anymore as i dont want to get us started!) - some of them only sell in bulk which i suppose you could divide up and share out, but others sell much smaller amounts. I think they are great for xmas pressies ( I know I would love to get some:D)
Maggie - you work in a sweet shop??? What heaven!!!
morning girls,
hope your hangover gets better soon and the tablets have kicked in xx

we have a great shop where i live called indulgance and it sells loads of sweets a lot of them are in the good old jars like when we were kids they also do really nice speacial sweets and slabs of nougat mmmm just lovely that shop,since doing cd have made a pointof staying away from the shop so i cant be tempted!!!


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I no it isn't good to keep talking about food,,, but going back to when I was small I can always remember buying from the Ice Cream Van a little packet of crisps called Piglets, they were hollow pig shapes which were smoky back flavored.... would love to buy some now just for old times sake... of course wouldn't be eating them myself.....
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
ooooh really got me reminiscing (spelling?) now!!! Space dust, cola cubes, shoe laces, lemon sherberts and you could go and get your quarter lb in a little paper bag- those were the days!!

I must stop think I need a cold shower!!


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