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It's THURSDAY***hour by hour***


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Another new rainy day here!

Great day yesterday. Met up with Leah (BG) AND Sara in Cardiff Uni. Only for a very short time, but it was great to see them and they were soooo much help to me.( DD is looking at uni's now)

Taking the dog to the vets again in a mo - another stonking bill coming up.

Hope you are all great losers today, to bring some sunshine to this grotty day!
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Morning :)

Pleasure to meet you hun, i still demand a name change to "teeny birdy". Also, stop being slim and tall - makes me sick :D

Don't forget - anything I/We can do for you or DD then get in touch.

Hope everyone has a great day - i havent been on the daily in months!!! xxxx
Morning all,
Have got a busy day ahead of me today & then have the oh so wonderful in-laws coming for their weekly visit. Don't you just love em???
I'll probably be popping on and off here throughout the day.
Good Luck with WI's today. :D
Morning Nikki, Leah and anyone else who follows.

Got DD1 off school today with the teachers strike so gonna go swimming this afternoon, still don't look great in a swimming costume but feel a bit better than I used to. After swimming I'm taking the kids to Mcdonalds where I will have a black coffee while they're tucking in.

Have a good day everyone and good luck for any WI's.

Catch ya later

Lisa xx
Liz - i feel your pain! Not only got in laws down, but Delli (from the forum) is coming over from belfast, it's my OH's 21st tomorrow and i havent actually got him anything yet..... :D




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Morning peeps, day 2 for me. Yesterday was far easier than i had anticipated and just got weighed (as im obsessed and get weighed most mornings) and i have lost 2lbs. Im normally the same every morning so this was a surprise, but surely after only one day its unlikely isn't it???? But it certainly boosts the system and motivates you beyond belief haha

Anyway i will be on here loads as need to keep busying (if i get time with 4 kids 6 and under lol)

Vicki xx


MUST get a grip
Morning Gang!!!

**whispers - I'm off to do another BodyPump Class at the gym**

I have dog breath from hell, actually worse than the dogs this morning! And my wee seems a bit green - could this be from the watercress, rocket & cucumber - WTF???????

Well its nearly the weekend - going into work late and staying late - ex collecting ankle biters and feeding them so I can get my budgets sorted for next year - luv it (grrrr not)

My hair is a huge frizz ball as I washed it and slept on it - I look like a bloody lion :eek::eek::eek:....

I'll deal with it when I get back - its the frizz that gives me whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Well done losers and good luck WI's xxxx
Morning all

Still no water chez moi!
Nikki...you don't look old enough Hun !and hope dog is better soon...without costing too much!
Liz...have a great time with your family!(wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic...its so hard sometimes!think you were so hope its not too stressful!)
Morning Lisa and Leah.....have a great day

Mum24 well done-kep it up and you will have a great first week loss
hi everyone,

im not doing much today off from work now fro 12 days woohoo so just chilling and doing some shopping as we go away on sunday.

good luck for everyone getting weight today xx


Morning peeps! Feeling a bit tired today and less than enthusiastic about doing anything!! It'll pass I'm sure. Why does TOTM make you just want to crawl back under the covers??? Feeling positive that I'll have a good loss this week so that's keeping me away from the biscuit tin!

Good luck to anyone weighing in today!

Well just been in bath, and hung washing out to stop me thinking about grub lol. Just gonna do an online shop for the rest of me brood now.... daunting lol
morning gang!

Glad to see everyone chirpy this morning.Havent been on the daily in ages.No new with me still trying to keep goin with ss very hard! think im back in ketosis havent checked though too lazy :(

best of luck to all the loosers and ppl with weigh in's.

becky xxx
Morning all!! because I'm a total twit I can't quote but thanks Clare for your Frizz makes you whizz line - I can't stop laughing at it!! That's cheered me no end!! (still a grumpy old bag tho!!!) have a good day everyone and big up us looseroonies!!! bb x


MUST get a grip
Morning all!! because I'm a total twit I can't quote but thanks Clare for your Frizz makes you whizz line - I can't stop laughing at it!! That's cheered me no end!! (still a grumpy old bag tho!!!) have a good day everyone and big up us looseroonies!!! bb x

Its still a mahoooosive frizz ball but is now tucked away in a clip - managed the BodyPump Class, though have TBH I was all wobbly after....

Oh Bigley sorry your still feeling grumpity - have to say I frequently get a flat feeling often in the evenings and ALWAYS around TOTM, I can honestly say I am a completley miserable B!itch! for MIN 4 days! I hate it as there's nothing I can do to snap out of it! Bloody hormones have a lot to answer to!

Sue - hope that flippin water gets sorted ASAP... **drifts off thinking there COULD be yummy strapping builders in your area**
Luv our chats - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Right off to make breakfast mousse & better had do some work!

Wiggly - where are you???? Stop lurking & get posting Sue & I miss you and your :party0011::party0011::party0011:..... Hope you're feeling ok hun xxxx
Hi everyone, 1st time on the daily thread. am on day 4 and feeling better but...stomach is rumbling really loudly! my workmates keep giggling...am hoping my mammoth bottle of water will fill it up soon! hehe
Yes wiggly chick where are you.

Keep away from the biscuit tin Vicky
becky...Did you do your cleaning and glad the Ketosis fiary has arrived that should make life easier....just don't let it go away !!!You can do it

BB I'm a twit too -I can do the the whole post quote,but can't do the line quote...common girls enlighten us!


MUST get a grip

The above is the multi-quote icon - found at the bottom of each post in every thread.... each time you click you can insert whatever quote...
If you only want to insert part of a quote from 1 post then just delete or backspace the bits you dont want.
If you only want parts but still wanna multi quote - again, just use delete or backspace ....

Hope this assists xxxxxxxxxxx

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