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***It's Thursday! Hour By Hour***


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Good morning all!

I'm up bright and early with Harry, even though he was really late to bed last night! I thought he might have a lie in today, but no such luck!

I'm nervous today, I'm going to resign from my job. I've written the letter but am not looking forward to the reaction I'll get. Working 10-2, not sure when the best time to give it in is, and hoping the manager isn't there today lol.

Kids have school/nursery, so need to make up Ellie's lunchbox and get Harry dressed, but plenty of time for that.

It looks a bit grey and cloudy here after the lovely sunshine yesterday :( As long as it's hot in Egypt next week though :D

Have a good day all, and good luck with any weigh in's!

S xx
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Hi all not been on for a while had a few issues ,but seem to be sorted for now .I would give your notice in at end of shift too hun ,you have a nice hol planned just keep thinking of the relaxing time to come .
Went to the races on sunday and fell off my diet the chair the curb just about everything really:D but had a great day and have got back into diet so all good (think the fact i couldnt eat on monday helped ).I am doing a weight watchers /cd diet now and seem to be stable on 1000 cals :eek:.Was hoping to lose a bit more so I could enjoy a good hol but its not going to be .
Have a great day hope all WI are mega love ya all xxx


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Thanks for that, I shall do that I think!

Just jumped on the scales and finally they are moving down again (1lb loss), so now 2st gone exactly! Here's to the next stone and may I shift it quicker than the one just gone lol!



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Morning everyone hope your all ok. Good luck Sarah resigning from your job, i would also do it at the end of your shift - hope it goes ok for you. Dancing and Mandy you both look amazing - you have lost so much!! True inspirations!!
I have got my weigh in later tonight, but not expecting much as had a bad week.
Anyway hope everyone has a good day xx

Jue xx

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I'm nervous today, I'm going to resign from my job. I've written the letter but am not looking forward to the reaction I'll get.
Oooh, good luck, I remember the last time I had to do that, and it was SO nerve-racking! I hardly slept the night before. You'll feel so relieved when you've done it. Well done with the 2st!:clap:


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Morning everyone

I have got a busy day, I am going to excape for a few days , going to stay with a friend and will hoping to burn a few cals over the weekend ;)..

Feel I need the break and things not good on the home front which is not helping the diet...everything will be falling into place soon.

My laptop is going with me so I will be keeping an eye on you all, may have time to post a bit too ;)

Have a brill day and good luck with all your weighins this week.


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Morning peeps

Off to see the dragon this morning, after meeting Nicky in town for our usual Thursday morning shopping expedition. Should be fun, Thursday morning is the highlight of my week.

Have a great day everyone, hope everyone with weigh ins has fab results and that you're all big losers


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Morning everyone hope you all have fabby days :)

I am going to have my hair done today a little way of making myself feel good for the weekend it's my 2 year wedding anniversary :)
Morning all,

I'm on day three (re-start) too sailaice, feeling the same, really achey and tired, struggled to get up this morn! looking foward to the brill feelings when i hit ketosis again!

Well done on weigh in sarah!

Hope everyone has good days,

Gosh!We are all about early today!
Sarah-hope today goes OK,Def at the end of shift I think
Well done again Andrea
Mandy-Nice to see you back!
good luck to everyone with weigh ins today

Well my big news is(Although unoffical,cause weigh in not till tomorrow!)Is that I saw a 12 on my scales this morning!!!!Lowest since about 1994!!!Do I sound elated,cause I ********am!!
Singles event to go to tonight,lets hope not as bad as Saturdays,and that my bosses get home in time for me to go!
morning all, quiet day for me today.P***ing rain here so miserable, still doing ok diet wise not in ketosis yet scales seem to have moved so all's good :) good luck to anyone with wi's and the loooosers

becky xx


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Morning all!

Sarah I agree with the girls....last minute then do a legger out the door!!

Mandye hope all is well today??

Good luck with the weigh ins today everyone!

Mary poppins.....a you saw a 12!! a 12!!! im excited for you!

God everyone is about early today! Day 3 today for me. Im hungry and tired but Im nearly afraid to say I dont have headaches?? Does that mean Im not quite in Ketosis yet??

Felt fine all day yesterday but when I got home I had a bit of a rant at my boyfriend :D no real reason just let off a bit of steam!! I was fine after that!!

Planning on having the tuna in water today for my dinner so Ill try to look forward to that. 2 choc tetras and I think ill try to make the "chocolate bars" with the mint choc shake.

Girls.....the guilt is killing me! Im ss+ but still cant get my head around the fact that I can actually have something to eat in the evenings. I feel bold :banghead:
Good morning everyone. Just about to go to bed after night shift, but thought i would get my mini's fix beforehand.
Goodluck with WI's and anything else you have planned for day.
Sarah definately end of shift. 4 days till Egypt you lucky b***er

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