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It's Thursday***lets Do It Hour By Hour***


Just had my butterscotch porridge for breakfast. very yummy this time :) Need to get dressed and sorted, lunchbox to make and children to dress. DH is still in bed, as usual!

No change on scales this morning, but that's prob cos I haven't *been*.

Have a good day all! xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning all
Well Im back on the wagon this morning..wish me luck and keep me away from the chocolate demon!

I will shift this weight if it kills me ......!

Have a good one

Morning everyone.
Thought i'd pop on here for a bit of inspiration before I go and get DS up.
Have baby group this afternoon and in laws tonight. Couldn't think of a more perfect day. ;)
Good luck to anyone who has a WI today and here's to another day of weight loss! :)


MUST get a grip
Morning Gang
Just having lush cuppa T..... Totally enjoying a week of leisure and just confirms that I'd love to stay at home everyday! Pah - mortgage to pay, company car, 2 kids to fund - who the heck am I kidding!

My SIL has invited me out for her birthday May Bank Hol weekend - its bound to be up in London or somewhere really nice so really cant wait - and even more pleased that I really WANT to go!

Maggie - sending you huge vibes to stay away from the devils spawn! Luckily for me I am not a chocoholic - however, my name is Clare & I am a cheeseaholic - no difference really tho!

Good luck for all the WI's - well done all the losers xxxxxxxx
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Morning losers,
My second weigh in today. Not too optimistic as I have cheated a bit this week. Mainly due to having a really busy week, mum coming to stay and a stinking cold. The good news is that I have stayed in ketosis (low carb cheats ). Anyhow we'll see in a couple of hours. :sigh:
Good luck everyone with weigh ins and have a nice day y'all.
Morning all

Clare and Sarah-love the new avators!Glad you are having a good week at home....but work does have its benefits!!and distractions!!!??
Katie...don't worry we all have nightmares with starting threads...spelling mistakes,wrong day(Famously put saturday when it was friday!!)somebody else does it same time as you!
Maggie-Keep off the chocolate!!

Hope everyone has a lovely day...enjoyed film last night...everyone else laughed at me cause I cried...it was supposed to be a comedy!but a bit close to the mark for me sometimes!!
Well i spoke with my CDC last night and 2day I am determined to grab the wagon by the horns or whatever I can grab onto on a wagon lol! So far 2day ive done 2 loads of washing and they are out hanging on the line. Im going to go a nice long walk with the bambino later and when Brian gets in im going to come upstairs and log on here when he has his dinner.
Have a good day everyone xx


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Good Morning All,

Good luck with the WI Ally, so lucky that you stayed in ketosis:) I have my fingers crossed that tomorro is my K-Day. I too succumbed to the evils of choc at the weekend and yesterday was the first day back on tract 100% so I'm feeling good today :)

The sun is shining here, fabulous day. After work yesterday afternoon went down to the cliffs and it was so windy and cold I swear all my guilt over weekend binge was blown away, feel fantastic. Plus, didn't get home till 11.30 so only time for a hot mint choc and bed.

Sorry going on a bit on the daily,

Have a great day everybody!! :cool:
Morning Ladies! Fab new piccies Clare and Sarah you both look gorgeous and v happy! Brill for losses and big hugs for everyone especially Maggie!! I've had a particularly intense fling with peanut butter this week but it's over now!!! So onward and upward!! Glad you had fun at the films Mary Poppins, glad to meet a serial sobber too!!! Have a brill day and be good!!! bb xxx:D


French Honey
Morning all!

I'm down 2lbs since yesterday so am chuffed! had the worst first week ever and am being very good now to make up for it.

Katie- to add your facebook link, go to the bottom of the facebook page where it says (very small writing though) something about making a badge, click on that and you can create the info which you want on your 'badge' and at the end you get a link to cut and paste. At least, that's what I did, but I don't know if it actually works :D

Hope that everyone has a really good day. The sun is shining here in Norfolk and the world is alright by me :)


MUST get a grip
Lets not refer to the 'distraction' at work.... I've not mentioned the siz pack and toplessness during the summer months have I :eek::eek::eek::eek:.......

Andrea - get away from the Peanut Butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW - I have a craving for bananas??????? Really really fancy one - what the heck is that all about?????
Being good today after 2 days of being naughty.
took a pair of jeans back to exchange at next as they were to long and the new ones dont fit as nicely keep having to pull them up and they feel tighter, funny as their the same design.


MUST get a grip
god its been a bloody manic day so far.... Family in and out, shopping - I've done about 2 bits of ironing and still got loads left so I'm gonna attack that next....
I've got my friend and her mum over for dinner, sausage mash peas sweetcorn and gravy ..... Oh well - I'll be having soup and mousse - yey me! NOT ..............

Need to up my water now as only had 2litres so far....

Catch up later you lot xxx

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