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IT'S Thursday**** LETS DO IT HOUR BY HOUR****


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Sunshine? It's horrible here - poor T in the Park people, I hope it cheers up before tonight!

Tried on a pair of jeans I bought a size too small this morning, they fit! At the weekend they still felt too tight round my thighs, but they are comfortable now, so I'm thrilled.

Now I guess I need to buy a new pair of "motivational jeans" in a size smaller than them :)


is gonna shine in 2009
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Morning all, day 2 for me ( did CD last year march- jul and lost 4st have kept just over 2 of that off )

had half a ltr and gonna have my first shake soon. Oh and loving the potato and leek!


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hey guys. i'm feelig all light headed and dizzy and naff today :( feeling a bit nautious too. am glugging the water though and will have my first shake around 9. i'm not hungry, just a bit meh.

this is what it was like when i started a month ago. unfortunately my best mate's wedding got in the way of things so here i am on a restart *sigh*.

abz xx


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Morning girls Im on DAY 3 today, and no cheats..

Cor Ratty!! well done in getting into those jeans...Ive got a pair that I'm working on too..and want to be able to wear them out in public too.....lol


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Well done Gilly - day three was my worst day, I think. If I'd known how I would feel I'd have taken the first four days off work and just slept through them!

I'm at day eleven now, no cheats, and not even tempted ... I don't even want Diet Coke right now though I bet I do again by the end of the day!

Just browsing new jeans online now :)


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Try these jeans....

Tummy Tuck Jeans

there is a pdf file on this site for local stockists....however they are expensive £85 ish but might be an aim to buy a pair when you get there (to goal that is )
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Morning all
Day 2 of kids Summer hols...how many days till 1st September.....!!!off to see Mamma mia tonight at the dome(cinema)which should be fun apart from the fact I hate Abba!!
Really struggling with this hunger thing still,have now an understanding of why people fail at this late stage.
Have a great day everyone


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Susan you look faby....well done on your w8 loss...
S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
Susan you look faby....well done on your w8 loss...
Thanks Hun...Have to say struggling on 1000 though..not been in ketosis after 6 months is really tough.The willpower is being stretched...if anything I think this is what it must be like for all you restarters.Just thankful I have the motivation to keep the weight off and size 10 jeans in my cupboard I want to be in by September


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Hello everyone, Feel tired and have a headache today. Am trying to drink it away!:) Am on wk 7 and finding it tough at the moment:sigh:


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Hello all,

well i have a week left until i can start CD again. Damn tooth! Not actually enjoying food as much as i thought i would which is odd. Maybe my body wants the weight off as much as i do! Dont think my ticker will be updated when i do get back into it as i can feel some of my new clothes getting a wee bit tighter again. Never mind will sort that soon enough!
Have a good day all.

Lisa xxx


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as long as you don't have to go up a size you'll be fine. just make healthier choices and you'll be back in the game in no time. don't forget to reduce carbs before you start to avoid withdrawal nightmare.

good luck hon. hope your tooth feels better soon :)

abz xx


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Hi guys

Ratty - well done on getting into your jeans hun!

Its day 4 for me & im pleased to report I haven't cheated yay! x


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Glad someone has the sun, its well hidden away from us in Fife (prob most of Scotland too).
It has gone from chucking down to torrential to chucking down again. My garden is waterlogged.
No excuse to do my housework today but i'm on here loads to keep me motivated.


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Hey, my goal is the same as yours! I dont want to be fat and 40! I have got until Nov to get to my target. I have lost nearly 2 1/2 stone already and I want to loose 6 altogether! Not sure if that is possible but am going for it anyway!!:)

scorpio dawny

keeps on trying
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HELLO. Day 4 for me all going well and im feeling really please iv got this far. hope everyones having a good day.


please try again
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afternoon all, we did have some sunshine but it did a runner while i was out shopping ( and had dressed my wee one in shorts and t shirt especially )

phones been none stop all day though havnt understood half of whats been said to me
i know someones coming out in a few weeks to trial wheelchairs but havnt a flippin clue who it is or what company, oh well will just have to wing it, lol

had 2 shakes so far and 2 litres of water, bought a cross stitch to keep me busy of an evening

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