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Good Morning Girls

Cold n gray here this morning

Good luck for those with weigh-ins today xx

Am on my first ltr of water as i type and 1 back coffee so far,

I had very SAD and upsetting phone call yesterday tea time, my mum breifly called to say that my sister whos 13wks pregnant on saturday had her scan yesterday and whilst she was there having the scan it sowed that the baby had died and had been dead for 3 weeks :cry:, she did have a scan a few wks ago and showed that all was well and a good heartbeat so yeasterday was sad news indeed

sorry for the sad start to the day gang
ok positive positive positive
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oh tara i am sorry to hear your news

weigh in for me today - then a rush to get ready and head to work

no news from me to start the day but i will be back later to let you know how my weigh in went

have a nice morning all


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Morning Tara ((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))

Have a good weigh in Julie...fingers crossed for you..

On my 1st green tea of the day...got a busy one ahead. Having my french windows measured for blinds this morning, hoping they are not too expensive.....
3 clients and a trip to the bank.

Will check in later



please try again
morning all

tara, sorry to hear about ur sister (((H))) to you all

good luck with the weigh in slushy

well my wee girls away to nursery on her bus so a day of cleaning for me
got my weigh in tonite, ive ss'ed 100% but feel like ive not lost any weight but will see when i get on the scales
Morning all.

Tara, I am so sorry to hear of your bad news....you and your family are in my thoughts.

I have the day off work today...ChildMinder on a course again, so this post will be a bit brief!!!
Work has decided to monitor everyone's internet useage, so I will not be on Minimins during the day!! Argh...how will I cope?
I have stuck to the plan so far this week and I am hoping to have a good loss tonight at WI.
Right, I am off to meet Father Christmas with Jessica. Have a good day all and hopefully I will catch you all later....I have missed you all and its only been 2 days!

Take care

Hi all nothing really much to report today, am having a bit of a mare with a man and its really messing with my head, (see relationship thread). Have got my weigh in tonight and I have been so naughty all week I think out of 7 days I have been drunk on 4 of them, and have been nibbling chicken all week and gave into a bag of crisps on sunday night and a taste of sweet and sour chicken last night. Will let ya know what the damage is later.

Am sat here at work feeling so depressed just wanna go home lie in bed and cry
Afters All

I too am having man probs but we cant expect them to have a normal thought process - after all they are men!!! Im still being VERY VERY good and am looking forward to a GOOD weekend


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Afternoon ladies,

Well Done Julie on your weight loss this week....

Hi Tara , hope u are ok hun x

Well, I have just had my 1st shake, I'm onlu on my 1st litre of water so have got to get that down soon......I have been at the Dr's with an old friend (77) Dr has decided that the penicilin that he has to take every day for his immune system has now caused a bad reaction.:eek:..his skin is so iritated and sore, poor chap. Anyway he has got to leave the penisilin off and take an antihistomine (sp) ffs. Hopefully this will help within 24hrs. And then he will be put on another pill to replace the pencillin.

Home now and chilling until my afternoon appointments..

Hope you are all ok, the sun is shining here and everything is rosie!
Push that boat tara. my heart goes out to your sister and the family I hope you can find strength together and help each other through your loss.

I've taken my son (he's two) to baby ballet hee hee, good toes naughty toes. He loved it, it was more a dance session but I was well chuffed in the 'heads shoulders knees and toes' as I got easily to my toes instead of just pointing. I've done three litres already which is good, Aunt Flo is due Friday and I don't want to be retaining.
Got a massive pack from ebay of size 18 clothes as mine are all too big and it's great trying them on. Most are a bit tight but they all do up so in a week or two they will be perfect and I'll be looking for a size 16 bundle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been a 16 unless you count when I was about 12xx
aaaaa thankyou sarah,

quick update for all of you re my sister, i had a quick chat with her this morning and she was sounding VERY together and strong bless her but she did have a poo night last night understandably so, as a mummy my self cant think of nothing worse than being told that your baby has died and prob has been for 3 weeks!!, any how she at the hospital now and she was being taken down to have the procedure done at 2,30, will be finding out more later , i would like to thank you all for your kind wishes it means a lot, just sorry i started the daily off on a sad note xx
Just wanted to send you my very best wishes Tara, very very sad news and I hope your sister is okay - sounds like she is being extremely brave. Big HUGS to you all.



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hey everyone, just a quick note as im at the airport at the mo and am headin to newcastle for the weekend to stay with a good friend who will prob make it a personal mission to ensure i get very very drunk on fri and sat night. am really lookin forward to it, i need a good nite out and a chance to let my hair down!! and ive heard that newcastle is the best place for it!!

hugs to u tara, thinking of u and ur family.
hows everyone else keepin? anyone heard from leah? think shes avoiding me!!
Have a fab time Delli a well earned night out!!

I've been worried about Leah too, think she is working evenings at the mo though.


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