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It's totally dead in the LLL forumn


One last chance
I guess not a lot of people do lite :p I need help if there is anyone who does lite and is reading in this section. Yes I know should be elsewhere but no one seems to be around there :p

On lite we are allowed fat free yoghurt, what ahve fat free 0% greek yogurt? is this fine to have? because I know it's a lot thicker than normal yoghurt.
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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Hmm, sorry, don't know either... maybe you can drop your LLC a quick text? Hope you get your query sorted soon...

/On a completely separate note... yummmm, yoghurt! Lucky thing! :)



One last chance
LOL no worries Carrie and thanks very much :3

Too late Pinkie I ate it :p LOL we'll just have a look see on how it affects moi :rolleyes:
I'm on Lite but yes, the board is very quiet. Yoghurt is listed in my book - I can dig out the rules later for you if you haven't got a copy.
Hi Spangly would you be able to post the rules, as I'm thinking of switching in a couple of weeks.
Oh!! I've been dying to ask someone to post the Lite rules but I've been too shy to ask in case it's not allowed!!

I'm thinking of switching too and would LOVE to know what the rules are!!



is Magdalicious
Don't do it!!!!
It's so much harder to do Lite than Total!
I found it impossible to control my food intake and stick to the rules but I know that some people get on with it ok.
I don't know. It's obviously a personal choice but I'd think it through if I was you.
That's just me though..

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i agree mags when i tried lll i couldnt stick to the rules kept pushing until i was grazing. my llc told me that she finds people that have done llt really struggle with lite. the weightloss is slower so your on it longer... when were used to the big losses weekly it really is hard to get your mind around. xx


starting over
Good points Mags and Carrie, but tell us anyway Spangly!!
I think there is a post someone else did a while ago... I will hunt around for it before typing it all out!

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