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It's Tuesday**** Lets Do It Hour By Hour****

Hey everyone, Feeling very positive this morning. The sun is shining in Waltham Abbey and kids still snoring in bed. Did loads of exercise yesterday (well went to Ikea and walked around 3x looking for shelves lol, but managed to avoid the meatballs). Also my suspected case of chicken pox has vanished !!
morning maggie & aly and everyone else!!

Up early for a change with me here! Very Very cold though, nothing mush planned for today just the usual so i'l be popping in and out if mini's during the day. So catch yis later Loooosers!!!

Becky xx


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Morning Fat fighters

Once again I find myself ever so hacked off with my scales.. 2 days until WI and so far I've only lost 1/2 lb.. Now this is getting silly!

Well 1 litre of water down, just having a black coffee and then I'm going to blitz the house whirlwind style! the Kitchen floor has already been attacked..

Later today My half brother (3 yr old) is coming to play with my small person.. I have a crafty afternoon planned.. sequins, pom poms, glitter glue.. the works!!

good luck with WI's



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Right, I'm having a Physillium husk party and you're all invited...

no wait, I only have one fully operational toilet.. hmmm.. oh well, I'm sure we can all work around that..


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Morning Buddies & those who follow!
Can thank you enough for all your support and advice yesterday, much appreciated!
Had my last pack at 10pm last night - choc/mint mousse mmmmmmmmmm! They really are a revolution!
I'm starting the day with a cuppa T which is a first for me as I usually have either half a pack or water!
Oddly enough I drank more water yesterday than ever - 5.5ltrs - brillo!
Not much on this morning - kids well DS in particular really really aggravated me this morning with a shambolic attitude! 9yr old boys..... Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Say no more!
I'm on lates rest of this week - but I am going to go to an LA Aquafit Class tomorrow morning! OMG - well I am 'thinking' about going....:giggle:
Morning all! Well...today is my FIRST DAY!!! EVER! So I am excited although really hungover- at least I'll get the water in lol. Have to get dressed soon and spend all day in the library. I have an assignment in tomorrow that is nowhere near done. Tetras all the way!


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feeling happy this morning as it's my birthday and mum bought me a size 14 dress yesterday and it fits!!! it's too cold to wear it mind, so I've settled for a short denim skirt and tights instead.. a short denim skirt that didn't fit me 2 months ago :D

was meant to be going to alton towers but it's looking like rain and it's cold so I'm going to slob for the day and sulk because I'm not allowed cake. might have to put a candle in my malt toffee bar instead!!!

AND I don't have to go to work today.. see, it's a GOOD day!!


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Happy Birthday LIZ!! Its great that the clothes fir! Way to go!

Back into work now. Popped home for a wee, and as I started 45 mins earlier than everyone else, I'm having my office time here. My nmoustache incident at the weekend still hasn't healed. Its getting spottier despite vigilent cleansing and liberal applications of spirit alcohol (not voddie honest) Will be all blotchy in time for Brum meet. MARVELLOUS.
Happy birthday Liz
Hope everyone has a great day.
At least I'll recognise you in Brum Nikki!!!!Sorry!
Hope you have a better day spooky and hope your sister is ok she sounded really down yesterday.

Good luck with any WI's
Morning all! Well...today is my FIRST DAY!!! EVER! So I am excited although really hungover- at least I'll get the water in lol. Have to get dressed soon and spend all day in the library. I have an assignment in tomorrow that is nowhere near done. Tetras all the way!
Good luck with day one
Happy Birthday Liz :party0011: :party0011: :party0011:

What happened with the moustache Birdy - did you wax ?

Wishing everyone a good CD day :D we are on holidays right now, off swimming this afternoon!


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I will have to come to the meet in disguise or alot of make up!

Yes it was waxing that did the damage. Totally self inflicted vanity. TBH I never noticed a tache before, it was just the way the light caught them, so I thought (very briefly obviously) I would whip them right out NOW! Never again is all that can be said!:D


MUST get a grip
God - today is d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g & I still have hours left to go..... 5hrs left OMG I've got to go down and spend all my time in a freezing cold warehouse shortly :mad:... Really not in the mood for work in the slightest... I would actually like to be curled up on the sofa watching the telly...
Tried to book in the gym for the LA Aquafit class but its fully booked - oh well obviously thats a no-go... But I've booked into Body Pump Thu's morning - :eek::eek::eek:..... Probably wont be able to move by Thu afternoon.... Opps.

I've only drunk 2ltr of water so far but seeing as I'm here for ages I'll do at least 5 again today....

Hope everyone else is having great day! I dont usually wish the week away but I hate lates and I'm off next week so cant wait for it to be then now!

Right - I'll make myself a shake and shake a bloody leg!



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thanks for the birthday wishes guys! very kind :)
time4me I hope your day speeds up!! (edited because I'm an idiot!!!)
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Hmm haven't drunk enough water yet, but I was surprised about how nice the choc tetras are- I may have to live on them! Have had two already though, eek!
Happy Birthday Liz!

Well I've been to work, then nipped for a quick sunbed. Just picked dd up from school and about to get ds from nursery, then I'm on here for the duration :D

Lost another lb this morning!! Woohoo! Am feeling good today! Just had a butterscotch shake with husks in, oh my goodness, how yummy?!

Hope you are all having a good day! xx

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