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It's Tuesday - plans for today

SO good morning everyone

today I plan on
going to work (think I should)
I might be going out for lunch - if not straight home
I need to cut up some more fabric I bought - all in purples and lilacs - I will then sew them together end to end - I am going to knit with them (little experiment)
I need to prepare dinner - for and UP DAY :):)
Exercise today will be walking - I will walk to and from work - about 40-50mins in total
knees dont hurt too much this morning (is this the beginning of the diet being positive for my arthritis)

oh and I weighted in this morning another 0.9 down - its in the right direction
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Well done on your loss.
knees dont hurt too much this morning (is this the beginning of the diet being positive for my arthritis)
Ohh lets hope so.
Im at work..... again but back on plan. :D Parents evening tonight, I got it wrong as I thought it was last night.:confused: Hope every one has a good day, up or down:devilangel:
Horrible rainy day here :( Hate the rain!!

Just dropped the kids to school.
Back home having a cuppa and just had 3 choc digestives :eek: I was only going to have one, but they were yummy! Knew I shouldn't have bought them yesterday, they are the new choc orange ones!!!
Got to go and get my daughter early from pre-school today as she has to go and have her jabs :( She hated it last time and really cried bless her. Will have to get her something nice for lunch after :)
Then we'll have to go and feed horses, in the rain :(
Come home for a bit to dry off, before going to pick boys up.
Do dinner.
Get kids to bed and chill out!

Haven't got time for the gym this morning :( Missing it already lol! I may get my exercise dvd out tonight if I feel like it by then! I'm getting really into this exercise stuff lol!
knees dont hurt too much this morning (is this the beginning of the diet being positive for my arthritis)
Keep us posted on this. I was telling my mum about this plan and trying to get her to start as she has arthritis and also inflamation problems in her spine, think it'd do her good on juddd. So if I can say to her, look it DOES help then she may give it a go!
I really hope it does work - even if it lessens the pain rather than taking it away altogether I will be happy with that
I have been on my feet for a long time today walking round standing still and they twinge a bit - no where near as bad as they have before - and its raining here too
You know what?!?!?!?!? My knees have not been hurting either!!! I have terrible knees!!! They feel like they stay swollen under the knee cap!!! TERRIBLE!! When I bend, you can hear them grind, which in turn makes my skin CRAWL..... But they have NOT been hurting at all recently!! Wow!!!! How awesome is that?!?!?!
Hummmm Today!

Lots to do! LOL :)

Cleaning, laundry, Homeschooling the boys..... STUFF!! LOL Lots of STUFF to do! LOL OH well! Such is life! Gotta love it though! :)


aka Hope Over Experience!
Great news on all those knees! Wish I could get my cousin to try this - she has sarcoidosis which is basically an inflammatory disease and often treated with steroids which she is resisitng. She does not think it is possible to eat so little in a day and feel okay - I will show her your posts on knees, arhtritis and PMS etc.

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