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Its Valentines Day- morning all!

I am in an excellent mood today! Because:

My lovely bf ordered me a custom-designed card which he designed and it was perfect. He doesnt normally bother with cards so this really meant a lot, and the message was so sweet!

I have a lovely meal this evening to look forward to with him and we are going to cook it together (we never cook/eat together!)

I just found out that 3 of my friends at work are coming out for my "leaving do" on Saturday night- i thought only 1 could make it and had been considering cancelling so its great news that all the ppl I care about can come!

:D so all in all I am pretty happy! Also I may have a job interview today which would be fab :) I am planning to treat myself to a new outfit if I get it!!

All I want now is my bloomin' proposal! He has made it quite clear its not happening today but I am so bored of waiting. It would be the perfect time, particularly as we have said we will be having a summer wedding next year! But we aren't even engaged yet and there will be so much to do- surely you should be engaged before you set a date?!

Lol someone tell me how I should deal with the waiting game!!? Please?
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Three words.....


Maybe he's waiting for you to pop the question???
Oh brilliant! You should so ask him! That would be so fab (made better by the fact that you've already discussed it so you know he'll say yes, lol).

Glad you're in a good mood today - long may it continue! x
Ah wannabslim......I waited 9 years and was considering popping the question myself this leap year but.......eventually it happened.

I know its great to ask him yourself but Im an old romantic and had it in my head that the guy should do the asking. Believe me its worth the wait. Were hoping for a September 09 wedding now in Spain.

Good things come to those who wait ..... and i waited long enough so if you can hang on.......;)
Thanks everyone for your responses!

I said to him that if he didnt get a move on I would do it myself (told him back in Jan) on the 29th, and he said he didnt want me to as he wanted to be the one to ask me, and he would only say no if he isnt ready so save myself the embarrassment and upset by waiting for him.

Arrrgh men are so complicated! He says he swears that he will be with me forever- on his life- but he is waiting for stuff to be right before he pops the question. What "stuff" is, he won't say. What isn't right at the moment that needs to be beforehand, I can't tell you. As far as I am concerned if you truly love each other and love being together, you can imagine yourselves growing old together, then thats what marriage is all about. And we are there.... so I don't know what he's waiting for!! Wish he would hurry up and take me out of my misery :( It worries me a bit that he doesn't see it the same way I do- doesnt matter how little money you have, how young or old you are, what your friends and family will think, its about the two of you and only you!

Hopefully he will see this one day :( xx
Thats funny you saying that today Nikki there was a couple on This Morning today and he proposed and I was actually thinking if I get engaged (and I dont want to offend anyone here so apologies in advance) I certainly hope he doesnt do it on Valentines Day, thats just too corny.

Its kinda like getting flowers on Valentines Day, honestly Id rather get them another time when its more spontaneous and its cos he wants to buy them not cos he feels obliged - although I was quite delighted to get roses today :giggle:

Just wait a bit longer and I bet itll be all the more special when youre not expecting it :)

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