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I've been a Bad Girl...new meds

I replaced my evening tfr with some salad and tuna and am worried if it'll play havoc with the plan. Plus I've been taken off diclofenac 50mg as it stopped working for me with my osteoarthritis and have been put onto naproxen 500mg which i started yesturday and ive been feeling very dizzy but i'm gonna see how I go over the next month.
As for me eating the above I felt bad but i was craving it and am not too sure whether its the new meds that made me yearn for it, as i haven't done that before and now am very concerned.

But one thing my Gp did tell me when he gave me the new prescription was that I may sometimes have the urge to eat solids but aslong as I stick with tuna/ chicken with a small salad I will still stay in ketosis. As ketosis will only knock out if I have carbs.

I'm confused about it, what do you think?

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I think your being very sensible... If youre not well and feeling pain then obviously the "wanna eat" button is gonna be switched on in your brain, its like a comfort thing..... But by replacing on shake with a lowfat/carb/calorie meal is like doing refeed isnt it? And people can still refeed and lose weight... Id just say go really carefull and be really strict with yourself as the slippery slope of overeating is closer if you are not on TFR. you never know you may do a day or 2 eating your one meal and then feel well enough to go back to TFR... Id play it by ear, but be cautious... let us know how you get on and good luck... (PS - my Dad was on that Naproxen - its supposed to be really good anti-inflamitory - i think)
Thankyou and would you be able to ask your Dad how it affected him the first time he was put onto naproxen 500mg please.
before Lipo I wasn't one for eating and only ate when i remembered to and that was sometimes once a day or over 2 days and always ate healthy food and 1 a wk/ or fortnight do a roast but because of health probs/ mobility restricted aswell as forgetfulness my body stored everything and refused to dump it out (so my Gp says) as before health probs I was always between 9 1/2st to 10 1/2st and sometimes 11st.

i remember well, when he started taking he had no nasty sie effects... the drug worked well though, he had very swollen joints, ankles, wriss. etc... arhritus related issues,,, he got better quickly :)
Let me know how you get on with the new meds Chiku. I'm taking 100mg diclofenac twice a day and co-dydramol four times a day and sometimes it's barely having any effect.....I've got a date for my hip replacement, 2nd December but somehow I've got to survive until then! This arthritis is no bl88dy joke is it? I feel about 20 years older then I should be :cry:
Same here Sandra I also at times like this (weather) feel donkeys older and what pisses me of is the pain, swelling, seizing up and more so when you try to move you want to but your body just wont URGH.

Well hopefully i get approached by student surgeons who can use me for their final exam in bionic limbs and then I'll be on my way to being Wonder Woman :D

hey I can dream and hope:D:D
Chiku, the worst for me is when I get up in the morning, my OH jokes that it's like I'm wearing concrete knickers as I stagger out of bed and head for the bathroom! How old are you (if you don't mind me asking!) and where is your arthritis?
I'm 34yrs old (March born) and the arthritis is in my right shoulder/ wrist/ thumb, my back, hips, both legs, knees, shins, ankles, feet and toes.
Where is yours and age.
OMG that's terrible. I'm 50, last month, and it's in my hips. I had a terribly shattered leg 4 years ago and several operations so I thought that I had just worn out my hip from years of limping. But it turns out that I was born with congenital hip dysplasia and have to have a hip replacement in December and the other one done at some point in the future. The surgeon wants me to get as slim as possible ...and stay there!

What is the root cause of yours? You're soo young x
firstly about 5/ 6 yrs ago (my weight started going up because of the health) I had osteomalacia but didn't know that i had it until i was dragged to Gp by my b/f 2yrs ago. Then had numerous different types of scans, tests and then last yr in July a consultant Dr did a blood test and that when I was told my Vitamin D and Calcium level were very very low at 22 when they should be 70/ 80 plus.
Then came this year in March my Gp couldnt understand why I was not improving with the supplements and other medication that should have got me better after 6months to a max of a yr. He then sent me back to hospital and 2 wks later I was meant to go back but didn't only because I feared the worst. 6weeks past my Doctor phoned me himself and told me off in a way that made me feel like naughty school girl. When I went to see him I was then told that I had osteoarthritis boardering on the second stage. So here I am now and recently found out that this is one of many health issues that run in my Dad's family not to mention the other health problems that run in my Mum's.
Oh Chiku, that's terrible. Sorry babes I just don't know what else to say......life sure stinks somtimes:(

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Poor Chiku and Sandra. Pain is a dread. You make me feel a bit of a fraud as you are both in a lot of pain. I was on difene and solpadol for ages. A month or so ago the doc changed my meds too. I am now on Naproxen 500mg twice a day for severe low back pain and arthritis in my foot. Yes, when I started it I did feel a little woozy a few times. That has settled down now and I don't have any side effects. I would advise to ensure you take it with your shake. My doc said to make sure I had it with my food as it is hard on the tummy, moreso if you have an ulcer.
Hope the side effects settle soon. If you take it with your shake then mabe it won't get to the bloodstream so quickly.
Sandra, thing like this and worse always happen intensely to us good spring chickens (no matter what the age) and I just see it as a test of life so why not just push the boat out (so to speak):D

Molly, has your Gp given you Lansoprazole 30mg (protects stomache 1 tablet a day) to go with your Naproxen (which painkillers are you on Tramadol or something other).
Abit of advise always speak with your Pharmacist when it comes to medication as they are like Doctors but specialize highly in medication.
My Pharmacist was the one who told my Doctor to change my medication to this as Diclo wasn't helping me any more (had been on them for over a year).
Oh just a quick question how long did it take you for eek feeling to pass?

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