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Ive been a BIT naughty!*food mentioned*

Well like it says ive been a bit naughty, well i had a boiled egg.....It could have been much worse(OH went shopping and got lots of naughty stuff)! I dont no what came over me? I just needed to put some proper food in my mouth! I think i might do ss+ dont no what to do? its only day 5 and i dont want to fail :(
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Don't worry hun, I wouldn't have thought one egg would make too much damage as long as you get straight back on (hark at me, I'm not miss perfect by any means!!) Heres to the start of a new week, good luck!! x
aw hun, u wont fail. if u think changing plans is best for u then dont delay and do it, it could be what saves u in the future! i was exactly the same and was struggling so i changed to ss+, im doing it with shakes but i know i have the option to have a small meal if i need it. The egg u had was one of the safest foods u could have had so dont dispare, it wont damage your hard work over the last 5 days. for me, just having an extra shake has worked, so maybe give it a try hun then u can have a little 'allowed' food with out feeling bad! good luck with what u decide xxx
hey hun ,a boiled egg is a great choice if you need to eat :) dont see it as a failure , see it as a positive choice :) On SS+ you are allowed 2 eggs and a small amount of veg . I would say read up on the SS+ allowances and carry on, if you feel the need to eat , make a positive choice and choose something off the list . I do this sometimes , i am on SS at present but will add a SS+ meal when i feel i need it
You have had fab advice already :)

And I totally agree with what has been said Xx
Thanks girls i dont feel too bad now, i am pretty glad that i picked the egg to have rather than something very bad! Suprising really as i dont normaly eat boiled eggs. I think i will do ss and if im having a bad day i mite do ss+ so i dont reach for something naughty! :)
Hi Kelly,
An egg is pure protein so trust me it wont affect you at all :) Remember, we are on the same day and have roughly the same amount to lose - WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like giving it all up yesterday but today feel like a new person. Come on girl, just remember why you wanted to do this in the first place :grouphugg:
good for u and good choice - your definately in control and not failing, im glad your no longer feeling bad :) x
Yes we CAN do it! Woo Hoo! Love this site and the support.
Thank you all xx
You have done brilliantly to choose a boiled egg instead of something bad! It just goes to show you that your mentality is already changing on the diet and you're going for snacks which are good for you rather than bad food.

If you're struggling maybe you should try SS+? Me and my boyfriend are on SS+ and have had good losses each week. My CDC said it's only a couple of pounds a month difference between SS & SS+.