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Ive been naughty!

Ok so here is goes, my OH works nites and my little girl is in bed by 7 so 7 till i go to bed i am so bored! It wasnt as bad as it could have been, thank goodness! I had just finished making little fairy cakes for a tea party my bubba is going to later 2day. anyway i just had the urge to eat and i done it but i didnt eat all the cakes i ate i little tin of WW tuna! i no its still VERY BAD but im also kinda impressed with myself that i didnt eat anything else, we also had a whole big tin on celebrations which are still sealed!

We have a wi fit so im gonna use that once she is asleep now just do some gentle exercise, see if that works!

Just had to admit to it! thanks for listening x
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Otherwise known as Jools
Dont worry too much about it as most of us have been there and done that at some point and we are only human after all. At least you didnt eat the chocolates - me personally probably would have had both lol. With the tuna I doubt it will send you out of Ketosis seeing as its protein but that is not an excuse to do it regularly.

Put it behind you, refocus as to why you are on this diet and move on. Its a blip not a disaster.

Good luck with the rest of your journey :D
thanks Jools, i just had to fess up! i felt awful after i dont it but still was also a little proud that i didnt eat all the chocs, if i wornt on this diet i would have eaten them ages ago! Hope i choose healthy stuff when im in maintinance!
Well done for not eating the choccies!!

I worry about evenings aswell, the kids are normslly in bed by 7.30 and OH plays his online games. Think i'll get some good books to read so im not tempted.


Otherwise known as Jools
Maybe you should take up the online games too Vicky - thats what I find helps me in the evenings lol :D
hay it was a blip . least you stopped wen you did . plus pat on the back realy as you went for the ww tuna and not bacon butte lol. as you have already said you back on it now so no worries ..


Otherwise known as Jools
lol jools, i have tried to play world of warcraft when OH has left himsef logged on and popped out but end up getting him killed or getting lost.
Lol - I play WoW and its really a fantastic diversion because you cannot control your toon and eat very easily though saying that I used to be known for eating a full on sunday lunch whilst playing :D its not so much fun stuffing down lunch with only one hand and dripping gravy all over the keyboard lol.

Maybe he should let you have your own toon on his account and then it doesnt matter so much if it dies or gets lost.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
At least you know you were out of order. You have to keep strong and not let this type of thing become a regular occurrence. Slippery slope and all that!! You showed some self control in going for the tuna instead of the cakes so credit to you for that but keep yourself occupied and not in the kitchen!!
Done my half hour on the WI fit, wornt as bad as i fort actually. had more energy than i expected still not gonna do anything to physical just the fun ones and some step arobics.
I'm impressed that you didn't go for it & eat everything in sight - that shows that you clearly want to go for it on LT.

Write it off, don't let it justify further slips with the "I've ruined it already" thinking. Good luck :)

So im i lol, the before me would have eaten all the cakes and the chocs then looked for more anf just felt horrible after! not the new me, just the tuna! lol. although i shouldnt have and anything never mind like u said put it behind me and im pleased to say i have lost 5lbs! woopwoop!
thanks vicky, i hope u find the shake a bit better! its hard the first couple of days but ur taste buds get used to it, i promis! x

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