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ive been noughty ( non food )


please try again
well went shopping today as my shake mixer bottle thingymajig leaks when i shake it, banana shake is sooooo not a good look
well the shops have all got sales on and ended up in free spirit, loads and loads of stuff reduced so i ended up buying a turqoise and white skirt by animal, a brown t shirt by animal and a white top by freespirit all in a size....... wait for it.............12!

thought i could use it as insperation, put em on coat hangers and hang them on the outside of the wardrobe ( but make sure i put em away if jay comes round, he would think ive gone nutz )

so my name is claire and im a shopaholic :D
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impossible is nothing
claire, i have a whole wardrobe of size 14 and 12 stuff!! i kept buying things about a year ago saying 'oooh ill have something to fit into when im thin'

well, the diet i was on then wasnt sucessful (or rather i didnt find it easy to stick to) so i still have them, and i WILL fit into them with this diet

i get my fave items out and look at them and plan a night where i can wear them and celebrate my achievement!! spurs me on!

it was very bad of me to buy them but its done now!


please try again
nights out? i fantasize about getting dressed up for nites in, lol

oh im a bad girl, jay doesnt know what hes let himself in for, lol


Hi Claire - I know what you mean about having various sizes in the wardrobe - most of my 'nice' stuff is size 12/14 which doesn't fit me again, yet.......but it will. I'm on week 3 of SS+ and so far finding it pretty good - love the shakes and the bars are yum too, which helps. Keep it up - you'll get there :)


impossible is nothing
jay doesnt know what hes let himself in for, lol
a minx who feels awesome about herself in a size 12 ??!!

i think they'll be excited by that prospect :D


please try again
please no, hes over excitable already, lol