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I've been very ill - getting back into Exante


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Its been over a month since I posted. I guess I could be excused as I have been very ill.

I have had a rough time, I had a chest infection turned bad. So bad I ended up in hospital with both lower lobes infected and tachycardia. I got so sick I also used up my magnesium and potassium supplies and had to receive them by IV. When I got home from hospital I was on steriods and mega dose antibiotics.
when they ran out I got sick again and this time diagnosed with pneumonia ...fun fun (not).

so here I am again - day 1, well actually day 3 but I have been doing WS. I am hoping tomorrow I can be 100% TSand really start to get back on track. I am currently taking magnesium suppliments to make sure I dont get deficient again but I am sure once I am on TS and a few weeks have gone by I can stop these extra suppliments.

I hated ducking out on you all, I missed all the support too.
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I will do this!!!
please make sure your 110% healthy before putting your body through exante.


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Hello Bobbi, and welcome back. Sorry to hear you've been so poorly. Before you get stuck back into TS, have you checked with the doctor that it is safe for you? It sounds like your body has been through a heck of a lot recently, and not sure if very low calorie will be the best thing for you right now - please, please make sure with someone that can check on you whether it's OK for you to do this right now, as I would hate for doing this diet to be something that makes you poorly again.


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Sounds awful, sorry to hear it. Like others have said, make sure you aren't getting back into Exante too early. If your body is still recovering then you won't be giving it enough energy to work with.


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Hi Bobbi, I agree with Cybill....please check that you are medically ok to do a vlcd. If your mineral levels are not normal you could be setting yourself up for heart problems, including a heart attack. Not wishing to sound negative but your health is more important at the moment.

All the best.


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S: 16st6lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 3st13lb(23.91%)
thanks for this
I wonder if I should stick to WS or atkins until I get to speak to someone about this. I am feeling okay now, just so keen to get back onto weightloss.


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Bobbi, sorry to hear you've had a rough time. Echoing the others, if you have been very ill (enough to deplete your Magnesium and Potassium supplies) you really need to see your doctor for a check up (and possibly some blood tests) before you get back into Exante. I appreciate you are keen to get back on track, but your health is your wealth.

Take care


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