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Ive completly gone off the soups

Yes lisa I went off them totally for ages.
When the new oriental chilli came out all my clients were asking what it was like and i had to reply that I'd not tried it! So eventually decided I should ..... and now i love it! Usually have one a day ..... but still not into the others - prefer shakes .... but only hot!
I've went off them about a week ago, I love all the shakes except choc/mint, so I still am spoiled for choice. :)
On cold mornings I have a hot toffee n walnut for brekkie


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Hi Lisa,

I have gone on and off soups and I am back on them again, now the vegetable one is the my favourite and it use to be spicy tomato!

Love Mini xxx
Definately know what you mean about the soups!! I never go off the shakes but the soups are a different matter!!! I hate the tomato soup at the moment, but 2 weeks ago I was in love with it.....same with mushroom. darn soups! try them again in a couple of weeks, you might get bored of the shakes/bars and want something savory!!


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I had the chicken/mush soup every day to start with. Then about 5 weeks in, the thought of them turned my stomach and the smell made me feel sick and I haven't had one since. Urgh. Just on the shakes and bars now and thankfully never go off choc-mint and toffee!!
I've goen right off the soups and it only took me 10 days. It got to the point when I was dreading my evening meals because I just couldn't stomach the thought of them. This week I have one soup (whihc is left over from last week) and the rest is shakes and bars. Of which I tend to have the shakes hot at the moment. Last night I have a choc-mint hot after my weigh-in as I have a terrible cold and it was just wanted I need for comfort (still didn;t stop the craving for a hot jacket spud with cheese LOL)
Hi Lisa!

I have just noticed that you lost only 1 pound on week 3 and then a whopping 7 pounds on week 4.....:)
Do you mind if I ask what happened?

Only reason is I am just finishing week four so was a little bit curious......I love hearing about how others are getting on so hope you dont mind me asking.

Hi Slimlouise
The only thing i can put it down to is water retention(TOTM and the pill) i did cheat in week 2 so it may have "caught up" with me in week 3,to have a better idea you should take you weightloss monthly instead of weekly(still get weighed everyweek but add the losses up for a monthly figure) that way you wont get so stressed about it
Your losses are brilliant anyway

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