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Ive eaten all 3 meals already 5.35pm

Glug some water and think of the scales next week.


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distract yourself, get a duster out or the hoover, visit a neighbour, have a bath read a good book or just stay online time will go really fast... all i can think of for now x


getting slimmer
as above, but if your gonna have something, chicken will be ALOT better than a biscuit!!!
after all we're allowed it when your doing ss+
if your still hungery later, have half a bar or something, better to go over by than, than give in and have a sandwich!!
i'm like you, normally save them till the evning, its when i get the munchies!!!
good luck!! x
I'm in the same situation so I have just gone and bought a 2 litre bottle of water and I am currently gluggling away as we speak!!
just run the bath after tifying the kitchen and getting OH and kids dinner ready sniffed a piece of chicken so much i nearly snorted it lol dont worry i never put it on OH's plate i did throw it in the bin lol
i'm just waiting for the to come home so i can relax in the bath whilst they are eating
if i feel like this tomorrow i may start ss+ i know i have a lot to lose around another 4 stone + but its better to take longer than give up at all
but hey who knows what tomorrow brings i'm feeling more positive already but i know its going to be a long long evening
i think this all stemed from losing only 3lb this week but looking at the long picture i have lost 27lb in 5 weeks which is fanastic i just wish i had come back to cd before i let myself get this big so i guess im just so annoyed and upset with myself
ive reread all my other posts where i am so positive and its starting to rub off again
come on we can do this as a restarter i knew what i was getting into i did it before I CAN DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for all your help especially mandy you dont know how close i was to eat then you texted spooky lol
just got out of the bath and finished pampering myself smell lovely now after putting britney Spears body lotion on feeling so much better just got to get through this evening with only water left but i suppose a plus side is i will at least up my water consumption lol
thanks to everyone who replied so quickly it really did help me!thank you so much

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