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I've found you!

Hi everyone
I've just spent ages looking through this forum to find people mostly talking about 'fad' diets and I was becoming a little disheartened. I have spent most of my life battling with my weight and I am now seeing a nurse fortnightly at my local surgery and am on 'prescription' gym visits. So far the working out has been fine but i'm really struggling to get off the sugar cycle i've gotten myself into and therefore have not lost any weight. Anyone got any ideas of how to ease the cravings please?
My nurse has also recommended I eat less bread or even better, cut it out all together. How do you guys feel about that? Do you think it will help me having less carbs?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Wow, im impressed that a nurse has suggested reducing carbs, usually the medical profession keep banging on about low fat high complex carb diets. Maybe the penny has finally dropped with them.

Cutting out carbs is not an easy thing to do, you will crave them like its an addiction. You will feel shaky and unwell whilst your body adjusts, but the effort is so worth it.

Dont just stop at bread, cut out potatoes, pasta rice and sugar as well. Restrict the amount of fruit you eat too. Your body will crave it no doubt initially as the easiest way to get energy is for your body to convert carbs to glucose. When this happens it sends your blood glucose level up which then triggers insulin to bring it down again. The insulin forces any glucose not immediately used into your fat cells for storage to use later. Unfortunately our bodies are so good at this that the stored glucose becomes fat.

Restricting the carbs and increasing your consumption of protein means that your body has to use the protein for energy. Also protein consumption does not convert to glucose that same way that carbs do, so you dont get the insulin response. You will then burn fat faster and lose weight faster.

I cut out the carbs 24 weeks ago and have lost 78lb in that time, best thing i have ever done. Not eating carbs and focussing on the stuff i can eat naturally limits the amount of calories. Whilst your body needs essential amino acids and essential fatty acids in order to survive, there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. We dont need them, but our high carb consumption is a result of the highly refined processed diets that have become the norm. And with this increase in carb consumption has come the increased rise in obesisty and incidence of type 2 diabetes.

Really have a think about reducing or cutting out carbs , it wont be easy, but you wont regret it. I certainly didnt.

I would suggest you read Neris and Indias Idiotproof Diet, its a bit annoyingly patronising but will give you a good insight into how low carb diets work. If you go to Amazon, download the Kindle app for PC (if you dont have a kindle) then search the Kindle store for the book, you can then dowload a free segment of the book that you can be reading in a few minutes.
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Hi Lynn
Thanks for your response. It certainly made me think quite a lot last night. However, I think for the moment i'll cut back on the carbs but I don't want to give them up altogether. It might be something to consider later down the road though as it's amazing how well you're doing - truly inspiring.
Hope to see you around!!!
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Cutting carbs is really difficult, I've cut majority of carbs before and had good results. Carbs are so vital to your diet.... so difficult to cut out. The best way I found is... by lots of preplanning. Or else you'll slip and 'just grab a piece of toast for your breakfast' or just get some 'pasta for your dinner', before you know it you've had carbs in every meal!!! Good luck hun!! xx


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