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i've got gall stones :(


Saw doc today because i suffered last year, but because i was preggy they couldn't do anything. i have bee ok until recently and thought they had just gone away!!! he is going to send me for a scan just to double check but 99.9% sure thats whats going on. if so then gonna have the gall bladder out. that sounds fun!!! common problem with rapid weight loss unfortunatly, and or a bad diet. so either way i was likely to suffer.

As some of you know i have had a pretty grotty few weeks, and have felt as rough as hell with it. do you think this is why my losses have been a bit shoddy these past few weeks. only 1/2 this week grrrrr.

i hope so.

Doc congratulated me on my fantastic loss and has no worries with me carrying on LT. but said it needs sorting, more for my own comfort than anything else.
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awww no that sucks. *hugsss* hope they get sorted soon!


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ooo not nice but I am sure that it won't be too long before it gets sorted and you'll feel so much better :D
Hope it gets sorted soon & ur feeling better xXx


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As someone who suffered terribly with gallstone pain during my last pregnancy and afterwards for a while I can totally feel for you. There IS no pain like it! Not even childbirth:eek:

I ended up needing a shot of Morphine in A&E one night and all this was before I had ever been on a VLCD:(
Fingers crossed I have been fine for a few years now and just watch I don't eat too much saturated fat etc. I would have preferred my gallbladder to be removed and have done with it but consultant said no need at the time and anti inflammatory meds sorted it out.

I truly hope you get all this sorted soon and I would certainly think it has had some effect on your recent losses and on your mood in general,

Best Wishes,

Isis :) xx


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Hi Kerry,
poor you, yes I have heard it can be caused by low calorie diets but as you say can also be caused by fatty bad diets, so it is catch 22. My sister got hers out last November and has felt so much better since. She said the pain of a stone moving was the worst pain she ever had, worse than her 2 childbirths even. She is much happier after the op so best for you to schedule it and get it over with. Just think you will be in the best health possible going into that operation so your recuperation should be easier. She felt she was ready to return to work after 2 weeks. So best of luck with it.


Positivity is the key
Hi Isis,
SNAP about the childbirth as I was saying the same thing about my sister and our posts just crossed eachother.
Hi i know exactly how you feel i had gall stones and the pain was much worse than childbirth i suffered for 6 months hardly eating anything and lost 4 and a half stone i was on morphine every day in vile form and anti sickness drugs too i had my gall bladder out and then kept the weight off for a year but this last 2 years put nearly 3 stone back on hense being here
my daughter had gall stones when pregnant and went jaundis excuse spelling she had hers out 3 months after baby was born
hope you are never in as much pain as i was i had 13 stones the size of large peas :eek:

debz x
Ouch! I hope you get it sorted soon Kerry!

A colleague at work got gallstones after just a week on LT and blamed that rather than her previous unhealthy diet for them!!!!

Debz, you don't look old enough to be a grandparent!!!



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There was a pro gramme on telly a few weeks 'diets from hell', or something similar, and it featured VLCD (why wouldn't it lol), and it said on there a common consequence was gall stones, was on LT whilst watching and everyone said how bad it was and should come off it, still plodding on though!!!

Good luck, hope everything gets better for you soon, and your back on your feet.

Well at least they'll be gone and you will still be able to stick at LT. Take care xx
Ouch! I hope you get it sorted soon Kerry!

A colleague at work got gallstones after just a week on LT and blamed that rather than her previous unhealthy diet for them!!!!

Debz, you don't look old enough to be a grandparent!!!


thanks but i am i have a 4 year old granson and one more grandson due sept 6th :)

debz x


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hi, my heart goes out to you, i had my gall blader removed 5 yrs ago, they couldnt do it under keyhole because it was so inflamed so was laid up for 2 weeks after it , i'll never forget the pain, but that was from inflamation not actual gall stones,
i'll never forget it, my kids were age 8 & 4 and my husband had a broken foot at the time, it was very hard for us all!
but got trough it, i was on no diet at the time but was def about 3stone overweight

best of luck hopefully they can do keyhole surgery then recovery is so much quicker, :) ;)
oooh! Been there done that, have the jar of stones. LOL

It is awful but after the op you'll not look back.


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