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I've joined- officially! Went to a meeting and everything! lol

Hey chaps,

Am planning to start WW in a week or so, and am wondering how long, realistically, it is going to take me to get to my goal of 1 and a half stone off (from a starting point of about 12st) would take me into the healthy BMI range by about half a stone.

I know it probably varies but I am confused as the WW success story ppl vary from 1 year to lose 2 st, to 4 months to lose 3! Both women were a similar shape/size to start with!! I can't be like the first one!!

I exercise quite a lot- at least 3 times a week with aquafit twice a week and pilates once. Sometimes I go to the gym too. I don't really understand activity points and don't really believe in allowing myself to eat more if I exercise (I think it defeats the objective if you know what I mean), but is it ok not to use those activity points if I choose not to?

Also how much does it cost to go to meetings? Are there any special offers at the moment?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure I have understood the implications before I start, and the exercise thing is a big question for me! Please if you know the answers, post 'em on here!

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£5.50 per week and if you go to the WW website you can print off the voucher for free registration

Or you can buy a monthly pass at the first class and pay about £17/8 and pay future months by DD. This allows free registration and access to esource on their website.

I bought a monthly pass at my first meeting

Irene xx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Yep definatly free reg at the moment :D ... so best time to start andddddd if you sign upto Monthly pass you get a free started pack ... with journel in it to! and if youve already got that you get a free "cook" book! :)


Going From Flab to FAB!
I think its upto you if you want to use them but i think the rule of thumb is if your hungry or dont feel satisfied because of the extra excersize then use some :)
Hi and well done on deciding to give WW a shot. Your activity points are earned depending on length and intensity of workout and also depends on your weight so its hard to give a ball part figure but I guess an hours aquafit might earn you in the region of 3-4 points. But if you join up with Monthly Pass (£17.95 per month and includes free registration, access to esource and a free starter pack until 24 October - which is a must) then the website calculates activity points for you. You can add this points to the points allowance for the week.

Some people eat all their bonus poiknts some people none, you have to find the balance that works for you.

The healthier recommendation is that you lose 1-2lbs per week so based on your required loss of 21lbs it should take something between 10 and 21 weeks to lose the weight, thats assuming that you lose between 1-2lbs every single week, but you might find that you lose a lot more in the first week and you may have some weeks where you stay the same so its really difficult for us to stay "it will take you exactly this long to lose the weight".

The best piece of advice I can give you is that you track every bit of food that passes your lips and you plan your meals as much as possible.

Its brilliant that you are already doing exercise that will really help.

Good luck and keep us up to date with your progress.
Thanks everyone, and to you Lydia - that was a brilliant reply and very helpful! I was going to do CD for a week or two first but not sure I can handle it, so am going to start WW tonight as there is a meeting near me.

Is the £17.95 offer if you join online or at the meeting?
I started 2 weeks ago and paid 17.95 at the meeting and got a free starter pack. I then registered online when i got home and now pay automatically by debit card 15 days before card runs out.
Ah thanks for pointing that out guys! I have now joined a WW group (just got back as went shopping for low point goodies after) and am raring to go!

There were six or seven of us newbies there so I didnt feel like the odd one out, and I met a rly nice girl there who I told about Minis so you never know, she may be along soon :). I have decided to do the points plan, am on 21 a day which seems like a lot but I'm sure I will find a way to use them.

One thing I am a bit confused about- the leader said we could save 4 points a day but if we didnt want to use them up that is ok and won't slow weightloss. Is that right cos I was under the impression from you guys that we are supposed to use ALL the points, as long as they get used within the week and the max you can save a day is 4. So eg. me with 21 points, I could eat 17 a day, undereating my 4 points, and if I chose not to, I could just cancel those points and not make them up by eating more another day.

Have bought a few fab low point things this evening... some ice lollies (Lemonade Sparkles), also some fruit in jelly pots, strawberries and blackberries, some low fat crackers and laughing cow 'extra light' cheese triangles to go on them.... am looking forward to it all!

Breakfast will probably be a WW yoghurt or branflakes with skimmed milk depending on how I'm doing for time!

Am planning to have the same thing for lunch each day (sandwich made with Kingsmill 50/50 Crustless bread, no butter and 1 slice ham), a fruit jelly and some loose fruit, with a packet of crisps. Total points (depending on the fruit eaten and crisps chosen): approx 5.5pts.

Dinner for tomorrow is beef stirfry with straight to wok noodles as they are quite low points. Yummy! Wednesday is chicken with low fat chips and salad, and Thursday is a WW salmon meal with jacket potato. Havent got further than Thursday yet.

Am hoping to use 10 points during the course of the day, then around 6 for my evening meal, 1-2 for an evening snack, and then saving 3 or 4 each day for the weekend as I'm going out with a friend I haven't seen for ages.

Really glad to be on board, and also glad I took the plunge with going to a meeting as I think it will help me stick to it! Have the monthly pass so intend to use the online support site too :) all very exciting!

Roll on weightloss!!
You can save a max of 4 points per day, but you are supposed to use them up by the end of the week. To be honest most leaders don't encourage you to cut back on your points, its defeating the object of Weightwatchers. YOu would be better off using your activity points for your weekends out. But saying that you have to find the right balance for you and your body, some people can eat their activity points and still lose weight and others like me can't!

Don't be cutting out points every day though otherwise your body might think you are trying to starve it and then it will hold onto fat stores.

Good luck, you seem to have got a fair few days planned which is good. Variety is the key to my success as I get bored very easily with eating the same thing every day!! Keep us up to date!

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