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ive just cracked and eaten!!! BUT my lord why salad?

Hi all

I have cracked and left work went to somerfield and bought
ready salad bag, cucumber, baby tomatoes, ww ceaser dressing, packet of chicken grilled fillet and a brown granary roll.

I now feel satisified and wowsers I never in the life of me thought I would enjoy salad before!!!!!

years gone by I would have broke a diet by going to the chippy or gorging on chocolate!

does anyone else feel this diet makes you appreciate really tasty and healthy food?

i couldnt believe how juicy the tomatoes were! ha ha ha ha god how sad!

back ss now but i just feel a lot better
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I think anything would taste amazing if you haven't eaten in ages-well almost anything!! lol


Me on the right! x
Yep def! I'm only on day 2 and i'm craving plain chicken as I know that's what I'm allowed once I get past SS'in! Well done for breaking so healthily!! :) I hope I can be as good when I break (coz I'm pretty sure I'll break eventually!!) Good luck getting back on SS! x


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I craved plain chicken for the first 4 weeks - then had it every night for 5 nights of AAM week until I couldn't look at it. I haven't eaten chicken since. I have cottage cheese usually for AAM.


Me on the right! x
I'll have to remember to try different white meals then! I don't think I like cottage cheese... haven't tried it for years. Maybe my tastebuds have matured since then though! :)
I'm actually a plain chicken lover at the best of times, and would really enjoy some lovely chicken, but I've a while to go yet :)


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The nicest thing I've cheated with on this diet is a green bean!!!??

I think your body gets used to only having the 'good stuff' since I've been on CD I've totally gone off bread, pasta.. anything like that. I just don't think it's good for me, so my taste buds say noooo

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