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I've just gotta say that I LOVE...

Hey everyone! Here is a thread for appreciating GOOD FOOD, and by 'good food', I really mean good food, not junk food :rolleyes::D:break_diet:

(Now the word 'food' sounds weird I've said it so many times hehe)

The point is, we should take the time today not just to talk about the food we used to have (see the 'what I resisted today' thread, its very good to brag about your little victories! :D) but also the food that's good for us but we also love. Why not celebrate the stuff that is not only tasty but also practically a food-y saint! :p

I'll start with... PORRIDGE! I like mine made up with rolled oats and hot milk, just the thing after a walk with the dog in the morning. With a sprinkle of raisins and some honey, my morning is made and I feel happy and satisfied until lunch rolls around! :)
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I love pineapples also, they're so tangy and also sweet. I want to try freezing some pieces as I bet they'd be even more refreshing :D

Well, let's bump this thread with another bit of food! I just want to say that I love... apples! With a cute what's-not-to-like name that's nice to say, and their sheer variety in taste and crunch, how could anyone hate the yummy little stars? Chopped up in a fruit salad, taken out and crunched up straight away, or baked for a tasty treat... I love apples! :D


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spring greens! i love these, both yummy and nutricous.

melon, kiwi's, cherries, i love my fruit better than sweets i used to scoff. taste better and are naturally sweet enough to feed my sweet cravings
I've never tried spring greens but at £1 a packet I think I'd better invest! :D
One more thing that I have found an appreciation for is frozen yoghurt. It's so much lower in calories and fat but still tastes fab! I like the strawberry variety with some extra light squirty cream and fresh strawbs, which are low in cals and so sweet :)


Les Mills Fitness Freak
i get mine for a £1 too, well worth it! :D

i have frozen veg like brocolli and sprouts in too. its better fresh but it goes off so quick, so frozen is good for me
I need to eat more greens in general I think, but I'm so put off by the sprout stereotype :p
I like the convienience of frozen veggies, and freezing them quickly from fresh also keeps the lovely vitamins inside! The lower price is a lovely bonus too, of course :D
I like dried tropical fruit in the mixed bags, but they're usually covered in sugar boo :( I would be allowed to eat bag after bag if they weren't :D
I do love me some fruit salad (when I can get up and actually make it! :eek:), also covered in yoghurt or frozen yoghurt or extralight cream or some honey :D
I love barbecues, its so easy to make healthier ones too, with lots of crispy crunchy salad and yummy bbq and chinese marinaded drums and thighs, and even one burger if I'm feeling adventurous!

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