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I've just joined the gym!!

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Well I've been thinking about joining a gym for a while, used to go when I had free membership at the hotel I used to work at. Found out the other day from a friend that a local gym had a special offer on, so I've done it and joined :) Ideal as they have a pool too, I do love my swimming and often go to our local pool so will save me money in the long run :) Plus all the classes are free too so a good deal :D

Have my induction on Saturday so wish me luck :eek:
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They have loads of classes, pilates, body step, aqua fit, body combat, body pump, indoor cycle, circuits, stability ball and legs bum tum. I'm going to try the legs bum tum and pilates at first. May try the body pump as well if I'm feeling brave enough! Was going to join a leg bum tum class across the road from me on a Tuesday morning, that's £3.50, but the gym has it also on a Tues morning so ideal. The gym works out at £6 a week, so will save as my swimming I used to go to was £3.10 a time and sometimes I'd go there 3 times a week.
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Yes will let you all know how I get on. Can't wait to get stuck in, but have to wait for my induction on Sat :( May take dd up there on Fri to try the pool out :)


Wants to do this!
Well done for joining the Gym Stirky. I've just starting using my gym again to help the weight the weight more quickly and tone up
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Thanks Channy, looking forward to it. Bought some new trainers today :)
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Thank you Claire x
How did your first day at the Gym go??? I use Walk Away the pounds... I love that! :)))
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It went really well thanks :D Really enjoyed it, think I'm going to really get into the gym thing :D What's walk away the pounds? Sounds interesting.
Hey there!!

Walk away the pounds (WATPs) is a walking system you do indoors. The woman who instructs it is named Leslie Sansone. She is wonderful!!! She has all kind of different WATPs DVDs!!! She starts from 1 mile all the way through to 5 mile DVDs.... She has some with straight walking, and others you use handweights... It is really great!! What Ive been doing a lot lately (hence I think the weight gain - building muscle) is her "4 really big miles" dvd!! The first mile is 15 mins... The 2nd mile is 12 mins, the 3rd mile is 10mins, and the 4th mile is back to 15 mins but with weights! Yikes!! :) She has some where you also jog.... She is GREAT!!!

While doing JUDD though, Im gonna be doing 1-2 miles a day... I have her 5 day slim down... What that is is 5 different 1 mile walks that you do each day that targets a certain spot. She has 1 mile for arms, one mile for the tummy, one mile for the legs.... it is great! :)
Ohhh, if you are interested in buying them, you can order them on Amazon... She also has a website.... Just look up her name...

She also has another one I love!!! It is called the miracle mile.. It is 12min walk, and then 5 mins of toning.... She does push ups, crunches, and lunges.... It is great!
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Thanks for the info, that sounds great :) Will have a look on amazon for them and e-bay too lol! :D
No problem at all!!!! If you decide to try them, let me know! :)

Yep, I think you can get them on ebay also. :)

There is another site Exercise, Workout and Fitness videos & DVDs that you can go to and watch clips of the DVDs...

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Thanks x
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Thanks Channy, yes I'm really enjoying it. have my first class tomorrow morning legs bums and tums! Will probably kill me lol! Also doing stability ball on Monday evening, will prob fall off loads and totally embarrass myself!!!

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