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iwillbeskinnykatie food diary - I'm new :)

Hi Everyone :)

So I have done slimming world in the past and it is the only diet that has worked for me. I am now at my heaviest of 14 stone :( I have been trying for the past couple of months to loose weight and even joined another slimming world but didnt stick at it. I have decided to follow the slimming world plan but not attend group and weigh myself every Monday with my lovely mum, if I loose weight she is going to give me a fiver ! If not I have to give her a fiver... lol. I have a picture of a lady on the beach with washboard abs as my mobile screensaver to give me 'thinspiration' and as from today I will be giving my ALLL!!! to become happy with my body :) I am doing the extra easy plan, todays menu is -
Breakfast: 2 peices of brown toast (HE) flora light (2.5 syns) 1 orange.
Snack: Grapes
Lunch: Tomato n Herb pasta n sauce with lean mince (I know its not extra lean but it doesnt make a difference to me?)
Tea: My fav, hunters chicken, chicken with bacon, bbq sauce (5 syns) melted cheese (HE) syn free chips and veg to fill me up.
Snack: Chicken Slices/Grapes / cadburys miniture chocolate (5 syns)
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also I am member of a gym, I will be going to go on Mondays, Wednesdays, Sat & Sundays ! My starting weight is 14.3 and I want to loose half a stone a month to be 11 stone in April ready for the Sunshine so idealy 2 pounds a week.
yesterday went good, today plan is -
B: 2 brown toast (HE) flora (2 syns), grapes
L: Tomato n herb Pasta n sauce, orange
T: I have chicken breast for tea, having a look online for a chicken fried rice recipie maybe? Anyone have any ideas?
Supper!: Cup of tea (1 syn, milk) mini cadburys bar (5 syns) marshmalow teacake (5syns)

Yummy :)
box of quality streets in the office :( I planned to have just one but now have had three, still in syns for the day just means I will only be allowed one miniture cadburys bar tonight instead of two. xx

today- B: 2 brown toast (HE) flora (2 syns), grapes
L: Tomato n herb Pasta n sauce, orange
S: 3 quality streets (2.5 each = 7.5) Cup of tea (0.5 syn, milk)
T: I have chicken breast for tea, having a look online for a chicken fried rice recipie maybe? Anyone have any ideas?
Supper!: Cup of tea (0.5 syn, milk) mini cadburys bar (5 syns)
another good day yesterday I'm really pleased with myself! I know its only two days so far but believe me its the best I have done in months! Today -
B: Bannana, handfull of grapes
L: A pack of Rice that is free cant remember the make from morrisons made it with normal rice to make it go further and pre made chicken slices to mix in with it.
D: Salmon and philidelphia (HE) with veg :) nom nom. !
Snack: egg butty, mini choc bar (5), cup of tea (0.5 syn)

forgot to put that I went to the gym this morn, did 30 mins on treadmill then weights to tone, its a programme thats been set up by a personal trainer when I joined, except instead of 30 mins on one thing its like 12 mins on cross trainer, 8 mins on treadmill... anyway I did it and I have stayed away from syns during work other than one rose chocolate (2.5)

ended up going out for tea last night, was planning on chinese but it was packed so we went to a country pub, I had goats cheese and pitta bread to start (both my HEs) and then lamb shank with mash gravy and sweet peas for main, I dont know how many syns it would be for that though? I had 10 spare yesterday as I had 2 quality streets in the office. Didnt have dessert at the meal and stuck to diet coke then didnt eat anything after that. Hope I was in syns does anyone know?

Today -
B: toast (HE) 2.5 syns for butter. Grapes.
L: Jacket with beans & cheese (HE) Orange.
T: Salmon with garlic, lemon & philidelphia on & veg.
change to the Breki, had an oatmeal pancake instead of toast as they only had white toast in the canteen at work :( doh. but 80 cals in an oatmeal pancake i think I can class it as my HE i will investigate.
Back from work and had a buffet...... had 4 triangle buttys makin two prices of brown bread so classing that as my HE and syning the oat pancake as 4 syns, then the small custard cake I had at buffet as 5 syns. And the buttys butter n sauces prob add up to 5 so no more syns for me tonight :)
B: Toast HE 2.5 syns on flora
L: Pasta from canteen, small pot, going to add my own chicken slices to it, got in late last night woke up late this morning meaning no organized lunch for me today!!
D: Goin the cinema later so not sure what yet. Might have chicken and bbq sauce with free chips and veg. Going to take with me some chocs within my syns so I dont buy a big bag of chocs when I'm there!
had the pasta for my lunch, was really nice, plain pasta with salad in vinegarr, with chicken chunks and jelly to finish :) 1 syn for the jelly.
No :( iv gone off track this weekend! I feel so bad, Friday night went out for tea, wasn't too bad but I had two chicken wings in bbq sauce, small garlic bread, and for main chicken n Bacon with bbq sauce n cheese (he) with a jacket potato. Then sat I had a fry up for breki from resturant, then drank 3 beer with lemonade in and a small rosey then about 5 small onion rings with a tiny bit of bbq sauce.... Then today totally off with McDonald's bagel for breki then chippy tea !!!!! special fried rice, chips n curry sauce. Omg :( weekends r so hard to stay on plan doesn't help that my bf can eat whatevr he wants n stays slim.
aw hun, dont worry about it, just strike it off as a bad weekend and get straight back on plan today, think of why you started dieting in the first place and remember that your not on your own xx
thanks kitty hun, I've been good today WI tonight, fingers crossed I'm hoping that my gym time will even the syns out!! xx
I lost two pounds :) hurray. Not a mega loss for first week but its my own fault and I am pleased with it. I am on the straight and narrow as from today!

B: Strawberrys! and water.
L: Spag Bol - my mum made it so I think a few syns in here but not loads she said its made the healthy way! But with normal mince not lean :( so say 5 syns?
T: Chicken, Cheese (HE), Chips and BBQ sauce :D plums for pudding.
Supper: egg butty (2.5 Syns + HE) cup of tea (.5 syn) and a mini crunchie bar (5 syns)
last night had a mcdonalds cos it was really late when i finally settled down and I couldnt be bothered making anything, boo. so thats 15 syns for the burger and 17 syns for medium chips then 9 syns for 6 chicken nuggets... christ ! :( so thats a massive 38 syns. No syns for me for 2 days of this week...thank god for flexi syns !

B: Cadburys Brunch Break (5 syns)
L: HE tuna butty (2 syns)
T: Salmon and phili (HE) loads of veg.
yday is also a write off, mcdonalds for tea yet again same as yesterday as it was late when i got home :( 38 syns again....so NO more syns for me going to be hard as im off out on sat night. Gym tonight to burn a few syns off. Went to the docs this morn n she weighed me it showed me going up to 14 and a half!!!!!! :'(

Today -

B: 2 bananas, water
L: 2 free muller yogs. packet of grapes, banana, water.
D: extra lean mince, pasta.


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