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Jacko's weight loss journey begins...

Day 1
My history, i dont want to bore you all to tears but i'd like to share this-
I'm 6ft 1 and have always been fit and healthy,i was in the army, when i left i went into the prison service where i always kept fit etc.
4 years ago i had a bad bad accident and crushed my back,on the mend now still having painkillers everyday and injections into my spine every 6 months. over these 4 years i have put lots and lots of weight on.i think half because i stopped doing everything, sports etc, and half because i ate to comfort myself if that makes sense!!
i'm soon to be 34 and cant carry on being this heavy, as you can imagine it's no good for my back, i'd like to lose 6 stone and that will only get me down to 13 stone, people say im crazy to want to lose so much but because im so tall i dont look that overweight, but i am, 6 stone overweight....so today my journey began..
drank water all morning as i couldn't get my lipotrim packs until 1pm, so far i've had 1 shake and 1 soup gonna have my last shake in a mo. i've had water and black tea, i'm feeling really good about this and feel i'm no in the right head space to do it.
I've just moved here so have no friends local and family are 350 miles away so im hoping you guys on here will keep me sane through this :D
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Fighting for My Health
Good luck Jacko :)
Hey Jacko, great to read about you, I know how you feel, I am 6' and some people always say your not fat just a big guy. But I know I'm fat! :)

Anyway I look forward to reading more!
DAY 2.
Had a shake this morning then went for a 3 mile power walk, not so sure that was such a bright idea, as spent most of today feeling weak,but i don't really know what to expect.is it just day 2 or because i went for a 3 mile power walk???
Im gonna have to change my chicken soups, it really didn't go down to well,but im liking the others, i've just had my last shake, all in all feeling ok, craved toast when i was going some for my son this morning :-( but i powered through.
I'm drinking water but am i drinking enough?? 3 litres today, maybe 4 but the time i go to sleep.
I always remember this from my prison service fitness training...drink ice cold water as your body has to work harder blah blah blah(not sure if the trainer just made that up but im sticking to it)
I'm enjoying reading about you all and all doing so fab, so glad i found this site.
hope you've all had a good day
Hi Jacko,

your doing really well. I'm on day 2 and so far so good. I drink 4 litres ad day which includes my shakes intake. I think your water consumption is just about right.

Yeah, the chicken soup is vile, I exchanged mine today. Love the chocolate and the vanilla is not too bad.

All the best on your weight loss journey.
Hiya Jacko... You are doing great.. Try not to do a lot of exercise for the first week or 2, especially if you are not used to it.. Your body will adjust to the lack of food, but you really need to take it easy... Good luck x x


Fighting for My Health
Yep, that water intake sounds just great :) As for exercise, just do what feels comfortable. It can take a week or so for your body to adapt to the lower intake of energy, and also to using ketones for energy. General rule of thumb is to do what you were previously used to, but listen to your body. If you weren't doing anything before, I'd give yourself a week an then gradually get into it :)

Well done for day 2 under your belt. Roll on day 3 :)
Thanks DenDen SU and Jayne for the advise...i do walk everyday so i thought i might be ok to do it still whilst on this...might cut down to every other day for the 1st couple of weeks.

Hope you're all ok xx


Fighting for My Health
Annoying isn't it. Just think of the extra cals you burn walking back and forth though lol


Fighting for My Health
That's just lazy! lol


Fighting for My Health
Well done! :D
Bad day.... So to take my mind off it, I'm only at gala bloody bingo.... Cor the lengths I'll go to!!! First time here wish me luck :)
I went shopping and bought myself a new pair of fab boots to treat myself in fact I think I will treat myself to something non food or drink for every 10 days I stick to this as an incentive to keep going.... I might skip the bingo though lol :) Good luck Jacko
Good luck hun... Have you won???

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