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Jacqui's sw diary :)


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Hi all

Ive decided that its time to sort my head out and get writing down my daily menus so i can keep eye on where, if any, going wrong.

Have a weekly menu sorted at home and quite looking forward to eating it and sticking to it 110% and i will DO IT!!!!:D

Thanks for looking in advance and any comments will be grateful for, as this site is brilliant and the people on here to are lovely :happy096:

DAY ONE Extra easy week

B = omelette with bacon tomatos mushrooms and cheese (hex A)

L = Ham new pot lettuce spring onions mayo (2) and mustard (.5) sweetcorn all mixed together

D = Chicken lettuce tomato onions mayo (2)
Snacks = melon, hifi bar (hexB) smalltub of ice cream from cinemas (11.5 guess)

Syns 15
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Day Two Week One

B = Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tom or beans and crackerbread (hexB) lurpak (2)

L = Jacket pot, tuna + Mayo (2) sweetcorn

D = Beef Chilli and rice with cheese (HexA)

S = Banana, yoghurt and pineapple

4 syns so far

Well enjoyed yesterdays and done it but found it hard to eat all 3 meals hence why i changed my D from vegs to salad was full and been piccies:D


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Had good day yesterday, chilli was nice and some left over for monday night.

Finding it hard today as been busy and ironing

B = Velvet crisps (4) for evening maybe hexb hifi or egg and crackerbread

L = Asda diet carbonara packet with pasta (1) with sweetcorn with cheese (hexa)

D = gammon egg sw chips peppers mushrooms peas and sweetcorn

S = banana and pineapple

Tbh im not hungry today grrrr


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God found it hard yesterday not eating as wasnt hungry, but when i did my tea wow it was gawwwwgus i enjoyed it

Day 4 ee menu

B = didnt have breakfast not had yet :sigh:

D = chilli from saturday with low fat super noodles (had to be summat quick as going to watch son sports day)

T = bacon lettuce tomato bread (hexb) mayo (2) lurpak light (1.5)

S = muller light

I know no veggies today but not had tea yet so might change lol but cant see where to put veggies or hexa but will fit it in somewhere

Syns probably velvet crisp (4) = 7.5
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Day Five ee menu

B = cereal (5.5) and milk (Hexa)

L = pasta bacon chicken sweetcorn mayo (2)

D = Speg bolo or speg carbonara cant decide yet

S = Melon banana hifi bar (hexB) Velvet crisps (4)

So far syns 11.5
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Day six ee meals

B = Not had

L = batchelors cheese leek pasta in sauce Milk (hexa) with sweetcorn

D = Pork with sw roasties broc caul carrots sweetcorn peas and gravy (2) + 4 tesco value yorkie puds mmmmmm (8)

S = Banana Melon Velvet crisps (4)

Syns 14
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Second week diary green/mix2max week

Hi went and got weighed on thursday night and i sts so gutted but had good :17729:that night well only bit tbh and feel better now.

Day one Green day

B = Coco pops (5.5) skimmed milk (Hexa)

L = Nothing

D = Boiled rice, Chickpea dahl from asda mmmmm and broc carrots and cauli

S = Hifi bar (HexB), funsize curly wurly (3.5) Barcardi (6)

I know not had much but wasnt here most of the day and then after school wet bbq for kids and i was gooood, but enjoyed the curry as never had chickpea in life before so that be on list in future but had loads on plate and left loads too :D


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Today Day Two Mix2Max

B = 3 Danish brown ww bread (HexB) with egg and beans and 1 level tbsp of lurpak lighter (1.5) (GREEN)

L = Sw chips with peppers mushrooms mixed together then mozerella (Hexa) on top with mushy peas (GREEN)

D = Iceland bbq chicken chunk (1.5) with lettuce tomato cucumber spring onions with 2 level tbsp of hellmans light mayo (4)(RED)

Snacks = Pear, melon and hifi bar (HexB)+ 3 bacardis lol 7.5

Syns = 14.5
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Day Three Green day

B = Nothing today

L = Eat smart morrisons caronara (1) Melon

D = Jacket pot with 2 slices of low fat cheese slices (hexa) with peppers mushrooms and baked beans

S Hifi bar (HexB) Barcardi 5 velvet crisps 4

syns 11

Only fruit had today was melon as had nothing else in also No milk for cereal grrrr


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Day Four Green Day

B = went swimming then shopping got back was lunch time

L = 3 slices of ww danish brown bread (hex B) lurpak light (1.5) with two Asda meat free burgers (1 syn half each) 2 laughin cow triangles (hexa) with sw chips and baked beans, Melon

D = Good for you asda carbonara (1) with sweetcorn and 42g mozerella (hexa)

S = hifi bar(hexb)

Syns 3.5


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Day Five Mix2Max

B = 28g Ready Brek and skimmed milk (Hexa+b) Green

S = Banana

L = New potato lettuce tomato spring onions sw quiche ( ham eggs quark mushrooms tom not had before so will see lol) 42g mozerella (hexa) ham (3) mayo light (2) Green

D = Chicken swede carrots broc cauli gravy (2) Red

S = hifi bar (hexb) velvet crisps (4) Pear

Syns 11


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Well ive been good today as its day after i get weighed as i still have a bit of munch from left overs from treat, but lost 2lbs yesterday so very happy

B = Cereal (5.5) Skimmed milk (HexA)

L = 3 brown danish ww bread (HexB) baked beans and scrambled eggs Lurpak (1.5)

D = Sw chips with peppers mushrooms spring onions with mozerella over it in oven (HexA) baked beans and 2 asda meat free garmorgan veggie roll (3 each)

S = Hifi Bar (HexB) Melon

Syns 13 for day


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Day two red day

not a good day today so i will put everything down no matter how bad :sigh:

B = 2 ww bread bacon lettuce tom mayo (2)

L = Iceland chicken chunks (2.5) lettuce tom mayo spring onions

D = was having pork and veggies but didnt instead had velvet crisps (4) bacardi (5) 3 x asda triple chocolate biscuits (24)

syns 37.5
:mad::mad::cry::mad::mad: i no nothing i can do now but next days till get weighed have 5-10 syns and be good, duno if cos im hungry on red day but cooking meat taking forever to do so tea in fridge for a mix2max day tomoz


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Day three mix2max day

B = not had anything as up late

L = Pasta and sauce carbonara with sweetcorn (1) mozerella (HexA) green choice

D = Pork carrots caul broc with gravy (2) Red choice

S = melon barcardi (5) skimmed milk (HexA) 2x hotchocolate (2) hifi later (HexB)

Syns 10

Depends how im feeling its 7pm and just gonna eat my dinner and was gonna have bread with bacon later if hungry as for breakfast


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Mix2max week

31st July 2009 day one


L = 3x ww danish brown bread (HexB) lurpak (1.5) egg and spaghetti in tomato sauce

S = Banana, Melon

D = Pork wrapped in stuffing (2) carrots swede cauliflower brocolli green beans sugarsnaps peas 2 yorkies (5) and gravy (2)

S = Hifi bar (HexB)

Syns 10.5


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1st August 2009 Day Two

Mix2max day

B = Bacon and 2 ww danish brown bread (HexB) lurpak (1.5)

S = Satsumas

L = Prawns with tom ketchup (1) mayo (4) lettuce tomato cucumber and spring onion and banana

D = Pasta mushrooms sweetcorn 42g mozerella (HexA)

S = Coco pops (5.5) skimmed milk (HexA) Hifi bar (HexB)

Syns = 12


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2nd August 2009 Day Three

Mix2max day

B = Gammon mushrooms tomato egg 3x crackerbread (HexB) Lurpak (1.5) oil (1.5)

L = Jacket Potato 84g Mozerella (2xHexA) baked beans

S= Melon Banana hifi bar (HexB) 3x crackerbread the rest of them later(HexB)

D = Pork wrapped in stuffing (2) green beans broc cauliflower carrots swede sugarsnap peas 2x yorkies (5) gravy (2)

Syns = 12 so far


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3rd August 2009 Day Four

Mix2max day

B = cereal and milk, had half mouthful and didnt eat the rest as dont no how long cereal been in cupboard for lol

L = Tuna mayo (2) tomato's lettuce peppers spring onions 1 wholemeal barmcake (HexB)

D = Syn free onion bhaji's, cheese ham leek batcherlors with mozerella (2xHexA) (1) sweetcorn

S = melon pears velvets (4) bacardi (5) hifi bar (HexB)

Syns 12


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4th August 2009 Day Five

Mix2max day

B = wholemeal barm (HexB) with bacon lettuce tom and mayo (2)

L = 2 Chicken drumsticks

D = Low fat batchelors chili chicken noodles

S = Melon hifi bar (HexB) cereal (5.5) milk (HexA) bacardi (2.5) velvet crisp (4)

Syns 14


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Mother here! OK hun where are your vegetables?You need some roughage! I know it's easy to have batchelors this and that, but trust me, if you do your own pasta and rice you wil save loads of calories and be able to eat loads more.Can you get the EE book from clas or the SW website? It will save you £'s and pounds! Luv Mumsie xx

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