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  1. jamiedodger

    jamiedodger Full Member

    Morning all.

    I thought I would start a diary to hopefully motivate me.

    I currently weigh 141lb, started on my weight loss journey two weeks ago and have lost 5lb already:)

    My weight has been gradually piling back on since the birth of my fourth child (seven years ago) and I have been a bit too lazy to do much about it. I was getting so tired all the time so decided I probably needed to lose the weight and exercise more.

    I am counting calories and have roughly 1700 per day. I usually do about 30 mins run and 30 mins free step on the wii plus possibly some of the other games too. I also bought Zumba for wii and have been trying to do this 3 times a week.

    My biggest problem seems to be my wobbly bits and I definitely need to tone up so have ordered the 30 Day Shred to see if that helps:)

    Thanks for reading!
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  3. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    Welcome and good luck... what is zumba on the wii like? Can't decide whether to buy it or not. x
  4. jamiedodger

    jamiedodger Full Member

    Thanks Lindsey!

    Zumba on Wii is great:) I bought it as I didn't have the time to go to a class, being a single parent, plus I am not sure I would like to embarrass myself in public. You could liken me to a spider on rollerskates!

    Last night I did both the intermediate classes and thoroughly enjoyed them, I was dripping with sweat afterwards and this morning everything aches, which is a good sign.

    The beginners lesson nearly killed me on the first attempt, but I have done it about 4 times now and I am sure I am dropping inches!

    I love the music and all the shaking! I heartily recommend it!
  5. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    In that case SOLD to the fat lady at the back... I shall get on at my OH and see if he would like to get me a prezzy and if not I shall purchase myself on payday! x
  6. jamiedodger

    jamiedodger Full Member


    I don't think that you will regret it!
  7. jamiedodger

    jamiedodger Full Member

    A pretty good day today. Managed to eat just over 1500 cals so still some left but still full so probably won't have any more today.

    Have done 60 mins zumba so really pleased with that!

    Waiting for my 30 day shred to arrive I am hoping it will come tomorrow!

    Weigh in tomorrow morning, fingers crossed I will have lost some more. I will be taking all my measurements for the start of the shred and I am hoping for a decent result.

    Really pleased that I have consistently walked over 10000 steps every day since I started counting calories and have done extra exercise most days too.

    I just need to lose another lb tomorrow so I can reach my first goal of 140lb! Next goal will be 135lb, trying to have small targets so they are easy to achieve!
  8. jamiedodger

    jamiedodger Full Member

    Weigh in this morning and I have lost another 1lb this week making 2lb loss for week 2 in total:D

    Very happy! According to tape measure have lost another 3cm from waist and 1cm from hips too!

    I have achieved my first target and now I want to aim for getting into the 9's. Next small goal is to get to 135lb I think this will be quite a hard one as I haven't been that weight for a few years!

    I will try another week on 1700 cals and see if I am still losing, if not then I will need to lower my calories slightly.

    Fingers crossed for another good week!
  9. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    good luck. xxx
  10. The Moog

    The Moog Silver Member

    Good luck. This all sounds brilliant!

    I'm intrigued by wii zumba too, although I think it's probably going to be a bit hard for me at the moment. Tempting though. I used to love dancing...
  11. girlw0nder

    girlw0nder New Member

    I did 30 day shred. Whilst I only lost 5lb in weight I toned up significantly loosing 3" on waist, hips and 2" on thighs. It definitely works but I hated every minute if it!! Level 3 was the best for me and most 'enjoyable'.
    I'm going to go and buy wii zumba today. I started class and loved it but couldn't commit to every week.
    Good luck with the Shred xx
  12. jamiedodger

    jamiedodger Full Member

    Moog - Thanks! You have done brilliant 47lb lost! I am impressed:)
  13. jamiedodger

    jamiedodger Full Member

    I am too hoping that I will tone up! Lots of wobbly bits due to having four kids.

    That inch loss is fantastic!
  14. Shazzabir

    Shazzabir Gold Member

    I have Wii Zumba but was quite tired and not very motivated when I did it. Think I need to give it another go. I have a Zumba DVD and that really burns the calories, did put my back out the first time I did it though!
    Sounds like your doing great on your weight loss journey :)
    Good luck with the shred!
  15. jamiedodger

    jamiedodger Full Member

    Day One of Shred completed yesterday. It was a killer, I was so shaky afterwards.

    This morning I am aching but funnily enough it is more in the muscles I guess I don't usually use. All across my shoulders, triceps and upper chest, my inner thighs, hams and my abs.

    I am hoping this pain will lead to good results in the end. I found it a great work out, just perfect in time otherwise I would have found it boring.

    I have made a promise to myself to stay away from the scales and tape measure until next weeks weigh in. Also did Zumba yesterday for 40 mins (before shred). Will probably not bother with that today. I think it will take all my will power to make it through Day Two!
  16. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    Make sure you drink shed loads of water and increase your protein in take, need to be protecting those muscles from being lost along with fat stores! x
  17. jamiedodger

    jamiedodger Full Member

    Thats great advice Lindsey, thank you. Will be making sure I drink plenty of water today and will take a good look at my protein intake. I am just going to try and make it through day two! Don't mind losing fat but don't want to be losing that muscle too!
  18. jamiedodger

    jamiedodger Full Member

    Day two shredded and today on to day 3.

    Felt ok yesterday afternoon so managed 40 mins Zumba and was really energised after that.

    I ache again this morning so I guess it all must be working!

    Was good with my cals yesterday, 1473, which is fairly low for me.

    Off to punish myself shortly with shred!
  19. The Moog

    The Moog Silver Member

    Sounds like it's all going brilliantly! Keep it up!
  20. jamiedodger

    jamiedodger Full Member

    Day 3 shred done. Found it a bit easier thank goodness! Had a crapy headache all yesterday afternoon and it is still there this morning!:( Will be drinking extra water today.

    So, day four today, but this will be the only exercise I do today, off to see my nan this morning as it is her 80th birthday!
  21. missfortissimo

    missfortissimo addicted to minimins

    You have such a marvelous attitude about your weight loss goals. :) You're right, small goals are more achievable... I am thinking that I'd like to set a small goal for myself, but am not sure how long to give myself because I am still in school and I don't know how fast the weightloss will get once I'm done and can work out every day.

    Keep up with the Zumba, you are awesome! :wavey:

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