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Jamie's American food revolution

I downloaded the whole thing and watched it in one night - it was really interesting, and an eye-opening experience.

Incidentally, that radio presenter is a bit of a douche.
Indeed is truly shocking what is on their guideline's. Last night jamie made a lovely 7 veg stir fry with noodles and chicken. And the woman said its not a cup and a 4th of veg! Yet burger and chips with optional salad was fine! (of course none of them took salad!) its just mental!


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Just sitting down to watching tonights episode.................lets see what nonesense Jamie is having to contend with tonight!


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I might watch this, just to see Jamie Oliver fail at the same idea all over again :D
But he hasn't failed!!!!!! and is NOT failing on this either.

Bout time the world appreciated the efforts Jamie goes to, To improve the health of not only our country but now in the US too. He deserves a medal. Maybe obesity in children wouldnt be so prevalant if school dinners were better, and people actually learned to cook again and not rely on ready meals.


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There are tons of failures along the way wit everything, we all fail on this diet - along the way - and tell everyone to draw a line under it and move on - surely you cant be holding teething trouble against him, with the only person actually trying to make a improvement to nutrition. Maybe if eating and the attitiude towards food was better there would be less people who are considered clinically obese.
Its not case of liking him - but his passion and ambition for change is emense.
It's not his failing along the way I hold against him, it's a whole load of other issues that I don't want to debate on this forum. I just enjoy to see his fails along the way. It gives me immense pleasure.

He's also not the only person who is concerned with nutrition and school dinners. He just likes to go on tv and act like a nice guy to fuel his 'nice ethical' persona....but I should stop at that or I'll go into the issues I do not want to discuss here. There are tons of people in the background of campaigns towards healthy eating, not just just him.

Also, if the recipes of his that I've seen are anything to go by, they're not all that healthy. Just because it's not processed, doesn't automatically make it good for you.

He also has a cookery book that is supposed to 'teach' people how to cook, yet he relies far too much on pataks curry pastes in the curry section for my liking. It's funny and tragic all at the same time. I think my student veggie cookbook is more likely to teach me, and it has a recipe for beans on toast!
I love this show. I've been living in the UK for nearly 6 years but I'm American so I grew up with those school dinners. I have to say though, even I was shocked by their "breakfast pizza." The lunches are either worse in that area than where I'm from or they've become worse over the years. I hope he makes an impact over there. It's much needed.

Oh, but we did have a Taco Bell in our high school cafeteria and I ate from there most days!

I feel fortunate to now live in a country where I am able to walk places. I remember when I first moved here I wanted to drive everywhere... didn't matter how close it was. Now I only take the car if I really have to and I'm so much better off because of it. And, while there is still plenty of fast food here, it's nice not being completely bombarded by it.

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