Jammy'sgranny's food diary

:cry:I've had two really bad nights, not getting to sleep till silly o'clock, so I was riven by HUNGERS in the night. I had my breakfast at 6am and then went to s;eep today!

So we have
3 slices bread
3 tsp low fat spread
2 tsp marmalade
half a pint of semi skimmed milk, yes I know this is far too much but it's very cold

medium bowl of porridge made with water when I surfaced at about 12

Roll on spring, but my age I don't want to wish away 2 months of my life!

I then ate a heinz tinned pudding, I know that's a carb overload, I felt so sick after that that I didn't eat anything else. Tomorrow is another day
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:)This is what I plan to eat today:)

Breakfast Bran flakes with semi skimmed milk and 2 satsumas:):)

Lunch 3 dark Ryvitas, houmous and some free salad and an apple

Dinner Roast chicken dinner but without the strawberries as I am aware of the lack of ethics thereof

According to the Planner that leaves 3.5 points for a kitkat and a couple of more pieces of fruit.

Later, I'll edit this.:break_diet:


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everyone slips up - well done for not only getting back on track but for planning ahead - much easier to stick to plan that way. you'll do it :) x