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Jane Green


Do a little dance!
If you don't like chicky books you may not like her - but I thought I hated those chic-flick types and adore Ms Green.

Jemima J is an amazing read and I would recommend it too anyone, especially anyone with issues with their weight or how they look.

Straight Talking, Second Chance, Swapping Lives and Bookends are the others of hers I have read and I can actually say I enjoyed all of them from start to finish.

Good, fun easy reads...with some startlingly honest views of important issues.

Love, Love, Love her..if you hadn't guessed.:8855:
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Do a little dance!
Any particular favourite?


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Luckily I have a friend that supplys me with a new one when I finish the one she lent me! Tomorrow I have the beach house tomorrow.
I liked Jemima J the best - I did prefer her earlier ones to the later ones.


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Jemima J is that book that I read once or twice a year. Absoloutley love it.
my favourite Jemima J. and spellbound. i havent read the beach house yet, and believe her newest Dune Road (i think) will be out june 09 other fav authors Mike Gayle. Cecilia Ahern and wait for it .. i really love Jeffrey archer books.
Yes I like the Mike Gayle ones too, also love Dorothy Koomson (especially My Best Friends Girl), Lisa Jewell, Tina Reilly and Lola Jaye (she's only done 1 up to now).


Queen of the Damned
Adored Jemima J (wonder why :whistle: ) but didn't enjoy The Other Woman as much as the others...
Im trying to remember which one it was...one of her more recent ones I was really disappointed with, thought it was a bit of a nothingness. Second Chance (just amazoned it) - just didnt do anything for me! which was a shame really as love her old stuff!

Favourites are Jemima J and Babyville - love em both and read them a dozen or so times each!

Other favourite author has to be Marian Keyes - I have read Rachel's Holiday about a hundred times. Love all of her books - not been disappointed yet. Anybody Out There sent an unexpected chill through me - amazing book


Do a little dance!
Ah - Marian Keyes is one I just can't get into overly. Parts started to really pull me in and then its kepts getting plat for larges parts.

Although, I've always wanted to try it again..


Queen of the Damned
Some of the Marian Keyes stuff I like, others just leaves me cold - no idea why :confused:
I havent, but I read under the duvet and it showed some interesting insights about her i thought (long time since i read it).

Am reading Confessions of a Demented Housewife right now by Naimh Greene - its the sequel to secret diary of a demented housewife, which I loved. But I am struggling with the sequel and have been reading it about 3 weeks now and am less than half way through - unheard of for me and a book!

Would however recommend Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner, The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn, and everything by Carmen Reid for any chick lit fans looking for recommendations :D


Queen of the Damned
Jennifer Weiner - I remember Good in Bed, and wanted to read the sequel but keep forgetting to add it to my wish list at Amazon - gonna do it now! :D
I have never read any of her others - Just Little Earthquakes which i loved.
I did like Jane Green's earlier novels, i loved Jemima J which I haven't read for years, i think it must have been from the library. I think its one i desperately want to read again now i think about it!

Lisa Jewell is another brilliant chick flick writer - Vince and Joy was brilliant

I used to love Marian Keyes, but lately some of her books haven't entertained me the way her earlier novels did. I absolutely love Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married - I have read that book abut 10 times!

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