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Janes Diary


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Hi Everyone

Just been reading through all the diaries and information and I feel like I’m in the same room as you all lol.
I’m Jane 36 and have been a yo yo diet all my life, never got to my goal however have tried very hard. I did LL 2 years ago to the day and lost 4 1/2 stone. I felt fabulous, I went on hols as planned and only put on 7 lbs ate for 2 weeks and got the weight off within the week. A week later the group was finishing as the counsellors were giving it up so guess what? So did I. So for the past 2 years I have been on ww,sw,cd and LL again. I have managed to maintain a 31/2 stone loss but I am so sick of been over weight now that this is my finally straw. So I have decided to take on Exante purely for the price and this forum is brilliant. I have been a member of minis for a number of years and loved looking around and chatting, very rarley posted but I intend to do a diary entry each day so at least I know I’m telling someone that can understand what my day is like. I started Monday just gone and I want to lose 3 stone by 1st September 2011. Then when I come back from my hols proceed with the diet until goal. So after waffling I will just say hi to everyone and I look forward to reading your blogs and info.
Good Luck

Jane :D
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Hello Jane, welcome to our merry band and good luck. I'm also 36 and did LL a few years ago, I'm finding Exante works really well and it is so satisfying getting that weight to go away. Hope all goes well as you get started on the packs and that you're in ketosis very soon.
Good luck


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Hi Jane
You sound pretty determined which is a great start. I'm new to Exante and to VLCD, this is the first, I'm 4 days in and can honestly say I've not found it too difficult so far although I am hungry tonight for the first time really.

Good luck, hope it all goes well and we can all help each other along.


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Day 4

Morning All
Day 4

Not sure why but woke up in a grumpy mood :confused: Maybe my body is telling me its miserable without food !! Anyway I have kept fully abstained from food and feel ok. I must be in ketosis my breath is bad I dont feel hungry. Im hoping I can cheer up through out the day, Im sure I can :). I get my new delivery today from Exante, never used them before so im hoping there products are ok. Im just about finishing off my old packs from LL. So good luck today everyone and think slim cause we all can get :D


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Day 4 Evening

Hi All
Managed to change my mood today. Im rather happy now for some reason. Maybe its the sneeky taste of DR P zero :) Im hoping it wont effect me I feel im cheating. I really do think it will help me with the diet. Well day 4 nearly over and im gonna have a sneeky peek at the scales tomorrow. Hope I have loss, my weigh in day is Monday so hopefully should show a small loss. Have a good evening all and i look forward to looking around the site :) xx
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Day 5

Hello folks

Hope everyone is well. :)
Day off work today and surprisingly been ok. I had a wee on a stick today and yes I’m in ketosis I’m glad because I had a Dr P zero last night and a coke zero today and was anxious it would kick me out. I had my first orange and choc bar from Extante today and quite liked it. I was working out some goals today to keep me motivated and worked out I would love to lose 40lbs in 12 weeks?? Possible?? If I was to judge what I lost 2 years ago on LL in 12 weeks then yes, but I’m 3 1/2 stone lighter now, not sure if that makes a difference. But need to aim for this l feel positive and motivated that I can do this, the sun is shining and I’m going to take my dog for a nice walk..
Bye for Now good luck everyone :D x
Day 6

Day 6
A CBA day today. I didn’t get any sleep last night, must be the diet because I never have any probs. Anyway Day 6 and doing ok. My new bars arrived today they are called Choc truffa and they are lovely. They are from a company called Key2weight.com, the company was set up by my ex LL leaders last year and they are lovely. Don’t fill you up as much as the extante bars but they are around 128 cals do the difference is about 50 cals and they give u a choc fix. They do have some good products on there like cottage pie and spag bol with real pasta. The company is a legit one and follows all the correct guide lines its just extante is cheaper for the bumper packs . I was suppose to go swimming today but haven’t had the energy so took dog for walk and relaxed all day. I’m defo still in ketosis after my few cheeky coke zeros and dr ps. So that’s my day, been craving today but only natural it’s been 6 days without any of my normal treats so just need to focus. Day 7 tomorrow, my whole day will be taken up with going to see the x factor auditions and you can’t take drink or food so a bonus will just take a bar. I’m looking forward to Monday for my weigh in. Good luck everyone


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well done, i have almost finished day one had my soups and shakes today and dont feel hungry at all, i keep focusing on me in a smaller size and its really working, i hope i can get through tommorow x
S: 14st5lb G: 11st11lb
Hi Jane, you are doing really well. I am on day 1 (you replied on my diary) and have gone to bed before I eat my arm. Have kept busy all day, so just suffered a bit tonight and had a coke zero. I was surprised that they were allowed as I know how strict cd was when I did it years ago. I wish I was in your position at almost day 7 - it seems a long way off at the mo. On a positive I am at the end of day one and have had no food, which I have never managed will all the retries of cd, so that's a positive - I would always convince myself to add a meal and it always ended up being a disaster for me. Anyway, need to tell myself that this is temporary and remember how I gelt when I lost weight with cd. Hope you have a good day tomorrow, Caroline x
S: 13st7lb C: 13st1lb Loss: 0st6lb(3.17%)
Hi Jane. Well done to getting to day 6. Like I said before I will be watching to see how you all get on, learn from you and use it to help myself get on. I am starting tomorrow and hope to get to day 6 mentally in tact. xx
Thanks guys for your replies.
Delious - Jax - Cant belive im at day 6 im looking forard to Monday weigh in thanks for the message :)
Amzie - Well done, day 2 tomorrow will be better u will be nearer ketosis and keep thinking of the clothes that you wil be wearng in a few months time you can do it :)
Moonie - Well done aswell for getting through day 1 , it will go faster if you keep occupied. As for the coke zero and dr p zero, i never had it when I did LL but what a treat and it taste so good when your mind starts wandering to food. Keep the good work up :)
cantakenomore - Thanks for looking at my diary it feels good when some looks and replies :) Good luck with your start tomorrow. I too will be looking out for your entries.
Good luck everyone with tomorrow :)

Miss Mac

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S: 16st13lb C: 13st13lb G: 13st9lb BMI: 31.5 Loss: 3st0lb(17.72%)
Good luck with your first weigh in chick and well done on getting through your first week!!..x
Day 7

What a day got up really early to go and see thex factor auditions so had a bar and coffee for brekkie. Drove to Manchester with BF and mother in law to meet 2 friends to find 1000s of people just qeueing up. My friend was near the end of the line and you could tell the heavens were about to open so me,BF and Mil took one look and said no way lol gave the tickets to my mate and drove home. What a waste of a sunday morning could of stayed in bed and watched hollyoakes lol anyway didnt pay for tickets so no money wasted. Last heard from my friend at 3pm and they had just opened the doors. The doors were suppose to open at 12pm. So thank goodness i didnt stay. Anyway diet today has been very straight forward Bf took his mum out for brekkie at supermarket so no smells in the house, I do have a fab BF supporting me all the way. So i have just cleaned up and washed clothes all day. Been on the laptop for a couple of hours playing games and on minis. Not feeling hungry, missing food but pushing along and trying to be as motivated as I can. Tomorrow is the big day, my first weigh in :eek: hope its good. Gonna have more of a look around the site then off to do some ironing. Hope everyone is ok and still going strong. :)

Until tomorrow :confused: xx


Doing it exante style :)
S: 19st7lb G: 11st0lb
Well done so far :D

Oooooo I love first WI's :) make sure it's nice and early coz I'll be waiting lol

Shame about xfactor, just a wee bit late with the doors then!!!

Day 8

Hi Moonie and everyone . Im happy with what I lost today. I had the day off work and went swimming and had a sauna pure bliss. Im feeling bored at mo with not eating so it is important that I keep myself busy. Im back at work tomorrow so wont be a problem. I have started to write down things i want to buy when im slimmer and the way I want to feel when I get to goal. Might sound a little silly but when i start questioning myself why im doing this i look at my lists and it helps. So Day 8 out of the way role on double numbers. Good luck everyone xxx
Day 9 & 10 has gone really fast. Im hoping the next few days will go as fast for my second wi lol. Going swimming tommorrow before work so hoping to drop a few pounds with the exercise :)
Good luck everyone xx

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