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JaneyM's food plan/diary - please critique!

Hi Guys

I have just started SW on Monday and have made a few mistakes whilst thinking I was on track (for example using a wholemeal wrap instead of wholemeal bread for my HEXb). I know how important it is to do things exactly to plan so am going to plan a day in advance and then document in red what I have actually eaten.

Please do tell me if I am going off track! Thank you.

Saturday 11 - EE day
Planned Breakfast/Actual Breakfast
Toast (HEXb) 1t butter (syn) 2 poached eggs (free)
Toast (HEXb) 2t butter(4 syns) 2 poached eggs, 5 cherry tomatoes and mushrooms
WW Yogurt (free) WW Yoghurt (free)
Black coffee (free)

Planned Lunch/Actual Lunch
Jacket potato (free) with baked beans (free) and side salad (free) with VLF cottage cheese (free)
(swapped it around a bit!) Jacket potato (free) with VLF cottage cheese (free) roasted veg lasagne 1/2 portion (HEXa for cheddar) small salad (free) with WW french dressing (free?) and beetroot (free)
Fruit if wanted (free)

Planned Dinner (amended)
Homemade burger (free) SW chips (free) and baked beans (free)
Yoghurt (free)

HEXa - 28g cheddar
HEXb - wholemeal toast 57g

SYNs planned/actual - 1t butter 2t butter(4 syns), dash of milk for tea

Am I eating too much or on plan. Any tips appreciated. I have switched from Atkins so still trying to get used to the change! Thanks, Jane
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Hi Allie, thank you so much for your help.
I will definitely add mushrooms and tomatoes to breakfast as love them!
The mince will be low fat. I have checked the WW yoghurts on the syn calculator as they weren't listed and they come out as free - I have chocolate, vanilla, coffee and toffee - please let me know if that is wrong!!
I have already made the lasagne with full fat cheddar (measured to 28g per portion but will check out whether I can buy reduced fat cheddar here - thanks for the tip).
Re: Syns - How many do I have to have? I have a heavy week of eating out next week and although I am planning for it, was sort of cutting down in preparation! :)
PS I think I need to read up on the superfree veg etc. I started doing Original Plan but think EE may be better.
PPS Wow! Great weight loss!!!
Thanks Allie, yes I am an online member. I will have a good read of all the info tomorrow. I think I can get WW mince here which is 3% fat. The other mince just says <7% so I can add a few syns if that is all I can get. They are funny about diet food here. For example, I can't get slimline tonic anywhere here which is a real drag!
I know the next few weeks will be a challenge! Maybe I was mad to join this week but I know if I didn't, I would have gained and gained over December and I have an operation in February so really want to be more healthy for that. January will be super strict. December, I am going to do my best and be honest on this diary - I am sure I can learn some good tactics when eating out etc. so will put my suggestions of what I am planning to eat and see what you all say. Thanks again. Although the online program is great, you can never beat personal advice :) x

PS Oh! Just noticed all your links on your signature including your food diary - am going to check that out!!
Plan for Sunday 12 December - EE (completely revised!) I am still not used to being able to eat all of the foods on EE without feeling guilty! Anyway, I know I have to stick with it and see my results!

Breakfast (up late) Planned/Actual
satsumas and yoghurt (free)

Jacket potato (HEXb) with cottage cheese (free) and beetroot (free) with lettuce, tomatoes, jalepenos (free) and WW dressing (free) 28g cheddar (HEXa)
Yoghurt As planned

(Hubby's cooking) Roast beef (free) dry roast potatoes (free) cabbage (free) carrots (free) gravy (2.5 syns) and 2 glasses red wine (12 syns) As planned except 1 glass prosecco (6.5syns) and 1 glass red (6 syns)

HEXa - 28g cheddar
HEXb - none - oops!
SYNS - gravy (2.5) prosecco (6.5) red wine (6)

To be updated in red later.
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Week One weigh in -3 pounds. I am pretty happy with that as made a few mistakes (eating 2.5x too much pasta and wrap instead of HEXb). I think I will move my weigh in day to Wednesday so will weigh in again then. I have decided that in order to keep my carb addiction in check, I should do mainly red days and not EE.

Plan for Monday 13 December - RED day
Planned in black/Actual in red

3 leftover dry roasties (HEXb) chopped and frylighted with cherry toms (free) onion (free) and bacon (free) with 1/2T HP sauce (0.5syn) poached egg (free). Cooked this on my grilling machine and it was delish!!

Wholemeal wrap (10syns) with mango chutney (1.5 syns) lettuce (free) cherry toms (free) and jalepenos (free)
Satsuma and WW yoghurt

Snack (if wanted)
14g porridge oats (2.5syns) soaked in WW yoghurt (free) Not enough syns :-(

Roasted vegetable (free) and beef (free) lasagne (HEXb) made with WW fromage frais (free) mixed with mustard (free? will check) and topped with WW Gran Pandano cheese (HEXa) with red wine (2 syns per portion) and 28g cheddar (HEXa)
Served with salad (free) and WW french dressing (free)

HEXa - WW Gran Pandano, 28g cheddar
HEXb - Potato and lasagne sheets
SYNS - HP sauce (0.5), mango chutney (1.5), wrap (10) 2T milk for two teas (0.5) wine in lasagne (2) Total 14.5 syns
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Plan/actual for Monday 14 December - RED day

1 slice wholemeal toast (3 syns) with 1t butter (2 syns) and two poached eggs (free) and grilled lean bacon (free) and grilled cherry tomatoes (free).
WW yoghurt (free)

Leftover beef and roasted veg lasagne (hexa and hexb)
Salad with WW dressing (free)
WW yoghurt (free)

Snack (resisted getting a cheeseburger at McDonalds when I went there with the kids!) :)
20g WW bircher muesli (no idea of syns as bodyoptimise down ALL DAY)
WW strawberry yoghurt

Italian style chicken (with tomato, black olives and mozzarella) HEXa for mozz, SYN for olives, chicken free.
Jacket potato (HEXb)

Disaster eating! Self sabotage - was very hungry, felt ill with a cold, hadn't been able to log on to bodyoptimise all day (excuses, excuses) drank 2 glasses of prosecco and 2 glasses of red wine with dinner and then ate 2 slices wholemeal bread, snack size twix and a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes with milk :-( Stoooopid. Was convinced I would just come back after Christmas last night but of course got a grip this morning! Have decided to just draw a line under it and carry on...

HEXa - Cheese on lasagne, mozzarella
HEXb - Jacket potato, lasagne sheets
SYNS - wholemeal bread (3) butter (2) olives (x) Bircher Muesli (x)

Will update later in red
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Plan/Actual for Wednesday 15 December - EE day

WW coffee yoghurt

Veg/Beef lasagne (2 syns per portion for wine) with baked beans.

Bhajee potato cakes (starter) didn't bother in the end
Cucumber and tomato raijta (free) YUM
Boiled rice and homemade curry (1T per portion olive oil all other ingredients free)

HEXa - cheese in lasagne
HEXb - olive oil used to cook curry
SYNS - Wine in lasagne (2) Mango chutney (1.5) Prosecco (13) = 16.5
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Planning, planning and planning!!

Plan/Actual for Thursday 16 December - RED day

42g porridge oats (7.5 syns) made with milk (hexa)

Chicken (free) jalepenos, tomatoes, cottage cheese, beetroot (free) sandwich (hexb)

Beef casserole and Veg

Hexa - milk
Hexb - wholemeal bread, jacket potato
Syns - oats (7.5)

Plan/Actual for Friday 17 December

Poached eggs on toast (hexb) with 2t ww butter (2 syns)

Jacket potato with baked beans and 28g cheddar (hexa)
Salad with ww dressing

Roast chicken without skin
Dry roasted potatoes
Gravy (syns)

Hexa - 28g cheddar
Hexb - wholemeal toast
syns - ww butter,

Night out - drinks only
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Plan/Actual for Tues 21 December - Green
Switched to green as no meat in fridge!!!

Tassimo Latte Macchiato (this came out as 4 syns on the syn calculator despite only being 66 cals - do you think that is right)
1 slice wholemeal bread (HEXb)
2t WW half fat butter (2 syns)
Baked beans (free)
28g cheddar (hexa)
Lemon squash (free)

SW syn free chips topped with baked beans and 28g cheddar (hexa)


Wholemeal pasta with home made spicy tomato sauce. 28g cheddar (hexb)
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