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Jannywanny... Do you want to do a ticker now hun?

lol x x x

First click on my ticker, and it should take you to the "Ticker Factory"... Then under the box marked "PIN", it says "Create your own ticker".. click that and come back and let me know all is ok, or if there is a problem x x
Ok hun.. Now under the boxes on that page, on the left hand side should be a "Weight loss/fitness" header.. Directly under that is "Weight loss"... click that x x x
OK... Choose your password/pin number and enter it in the box.. Leave the circles as they are (the "public data" and "weight change" ones).. Then fill in the boxes under the "Weight measurements" bit... That is all i done on mine, but you can fill the other ones in if you want to (the waist measurements and the BMI ones)..
See you back here in a minute!! lol
OK... Click next and on the following page, leave everything now as it is (if you are happy with it), and look for the bit underneath "Configure another ticket".. There should be a box labelled "bbCode".. Copy that code hun but don't paste it yet x x
lol x x

Now go to your "user CP" ^^^^^ up there (where you edited your left hand side info) and Under "your Profile" (2 below) is "Edit Signature"... Click that and paste into the big white box

Check you are happy with it, and then click "preview signature".. If you are happy click "Save signature"... That should be it hun x x

Good luck.. I will be waiting with baited breath!! lol x x x
Wooohooooooooooooo thank you VERY much, you have the patience of a saint, funny how such a little thing can make all the difference xxxx
I am soooooooooooo glad it worked Jan... You will have great delight doing it after every weigh in.. Well done hun x x x x
thanks again, I got a bit cocky and added the -10lb bit after lol

I can get a job in IT now eh? :D
Yeah.... In a few months you might be the head of Microsoft!! lol

I can be your PA!!! pmsl x x x
ROFL when i am, PA job definately yours! I bet theres a few other peeps that'll use it too, so much easier that the editorial xxx

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