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January 2010 - Starting LT - whos with me

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Thank you for doing this thread Harriet!:thankyou:

Love Mini xxx
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I've just found this website today..so hopefully replying correctly here......
I also decided to start on the 1st Friday in January 2010 - because i've heard the first few days are the worst and you don't feel too good, so at least i'll have the weekend to get used to it before going to work on the Monday.. I can't wait to start and see the results, ive already been to speak with the chemist so just waiting now.....:eek:

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Harriet, mid way on my quest so will be along for the ride in 2010.


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i'll be back in january too!
really wanna get to where i wanna be x
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hi all new to this but with you all the way. 12ibs down in 3 weeks and going to do maintenance over christmas then back to TFR come January
Drea X
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Hi Everyone, Im Louise, I would love to join this group.
I started Lipotrim via a pharmacy on the 24th November 09.
My start weight was 207 lbs. My goal weight is 154lbs.
Week 1 -7lbs
Week 2- 2lbs (very constipated & was given Senokot as Fibreclear didn't work so hope week 3 will be better).
Week 3 -8lbs
Week 4 -2lbs
Week 5\6 -2lbs Suffering badly from constipation.
Have had double strength senakot, fibreclear & now epsom salts.

Hope everyone ok.

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Hi girls!!!

as a boy i thought i'd join in too (if i'm allowed ;))

i also started LT two weeks ago and did have reservations about starting before Christmas but with 18lbs down in two weeks thats given me the motivation to continue right through

so even though i'm an early starter i'll be right there with ya!!!

Jay ;)
S: 14st11lb C: 13st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30 Loss: 1st7lb(10.14%)
Hi Jay, I have no problem with a male joing the group :)

How do you change your status to show your weight loss so far?

I think I've worked it out, Id like to have one of those ticker things though & I dont know how to do that, would anyone be able to let me know please? Thanks
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count me in!

I'm hoping to go on Lipotrim again (did it 3 years ago, kept most of the weight off, but I'm up a stone now on where I was at my lowest weight).

Can't actually start until 8th of January though - so you guys will be a week ahead of me, as I guess most of you are starting on Jan 1st, yes?

It worked wonders for me - only thing that ever truly worked. Will need the next three weeks to psych myself up for it though.....

Am trying to be good now too, hoping that I'll lose a tiny bit between now and Christmas. Am I crazy? I figure if I aim to maintain, I'll only gain - so am aiming to lose a small bit, maybe a pound or two.

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hi all,
I have been on and off this forum since july. I have so far lost 3 stone on liptotrim and had a break for the xmas season. I am aiming to come back after xmas and a weekend away in sweden on 11th Jan so thats me back on it for a good few weeks till i go away in feb to tenerife.
I am actually looking forward to it really. I have got so far this year and i don't want to stop the momentum till i get to my goal so will see you all soon.
Tracey xx


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Hello everyone! Im a bit early as Im starting on Wednesday, dont want to start on New Years Day as its my birthday! lol cant wait to see the new slim me in around 6 months time, Im hoping Lipotrim will be the answer Ive been looking for. So please count me in!!!! :rolleyes: ....good luck and if anyone finds things a struggle feel free to send me a reply
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Can I join pls?

I am returning to lipotrim after falling out of the wagon early this year. I was so disappointed with myself I just disappeared from this forum.

With the new year approaching, I've been thinking 2day that Im not getting any younger, and I want to get back in shape. It shouldnt be so hard, but am a little scared whether I will be able to keep to it and will feel like a failure again.

I've set it as my New Year challenge, to get fit in the next year and get back my life as it used to be. Looking forward to knowing all of you and on your support to get us all reach our goals!!:)

Any advice from guys who did fall of the wagon but did get back on track and suceeded pls let me know. It's will power isnt it? Im geared up dis time.. Gud Luck to all of u!
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Hello everyone! I am going to start again in January too. I lost nearly 3 stone at the beginning of the year. I have kept (most) of the weight off but due to an all inclusive hol (which was fab!) and generally reaching for warm comfort food lately, it is starting to creep back on. I didnt get to my goal so, January 2010, I am going to get there! I hope...! Off to buy the shakes on Fri, and starting Jan 1st!
S: 14st11lb C: 13st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30 Loss: 1st7lb(10.14%)
Hi all, had my weigh in tonight & I've lost another 8lb's yipee....

Really want to add a ticker to my profile but I don't know how, can anyone help me please?

Hope you all well.
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