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January 2011 starters and re-starters thread

Hi everyone!
I was on the boards a fair bit a couple of years ago on my first LL journey.... without going into too much detail I fell off the wagon and am back to square one again and back to class on 4th january. I'm re-starting with leftover packs on Friday with the idea being that I'm over the first-three-days-feeling before I go back to work on 4th.
So, there must be others out there starting in January! Looking forward to getting to know you all and supporting each other through our journey.
Loula xx
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i am starting in jan i dont know when i have my go along and see what its all about meeting on the 5th jan then who know i feel like i want to start now!!! i have done the cambridge and lost 3.5 stone on that but its all went back on as i didnt do the management faze and i just feel i need that more support that LL seems to give you :) xx
Hi, I start packs tomorrow but am classing myself as a january girl :)

Can'[t wait to get stuck in, helluva lot to lose but I can do it :D

Em x
Count me in too!!
Starting my 100 days on the 1st!
Hello preeti, em and rainbow! Good to have some more peeps along on the journey with me. I am actually so sick of food it is going to be liberating to not eat any for a while - I'm excited about getting back on the packs tomorrow morning.
Here's to a slimmer 2011!!
Loula xx
Hi YummyMummy - I've got a similar amount of weight to go as you do, and I'm a mum too - I've got a gorgeous 3 year old little girl. I just can't bear the thought of her having all the eating issues I've had growing up, and it's got to the stage now that I am so fat and out of breath the whole time it's starting to affect my playing with her. Definitely time to do something about it! xx
Hi Loala, I have 4 children and just can't do what I'd like to with them :(

My 2 boys are 5 and 7 and my 2 girls are 1 and 3 so it's a lot of work which I'm seriously struggling with at the minute :(

I have so many issues surrounding food it's untrue and I don't want my kids having the same problems.

Here's to 2011 :)
Hi girls, well I'm still going to be on a vlcd but I'm switching to w8. I'm not keen on having a male llc when a lot of my issues surrounding food have come about BECAUSE of men so when my husband said he was going to do w8 I did some research chatted to his lovely (female) consultant, tried a couple of rather gorgeous shakes and have decided to swap over.

I was led to believe w8 didn't do the cbt sessions but they do so I feel this is the right choice for me to make so I can really sort my problems out once and for all :)

You're not going to banish me are you because the w8 boards awfully quitet!?

Emma x
Hey all, a January starter too on total food replacement . Am using packs from avid though! Am a little apprehensive as I know getting into ketosis is hard but defo worth it. Hope to get to know you girls a bit better along the way! Am 31 and 5'2 - am currently 13.8 (highest weight 17.10). Hoping to get to about 9.7 ...
hello lovely to meet you all and look forward to our journey together i have 8 stone to lose and i shall be starting with my left over cambridge packs on the 3rd then thats me till its all off!!
happy new year to you all when it comes xxx
Happy new year all!

I started Day 1 today... currently just gone 6pm and I'm about to have my 4th pack and then head to bed. I'm such a party animal!!

The memories of how amazing ketosis is once it arrives is keeping me going. A nice long sleep tonight and a day of "me-time" tomorrow is well needed!

Hope all those starting tomorrow or on day 1 today are OK!

Loula xx
Hi all
Happy New Year to you. I re-started abstinence yesterday. I'd forgotten how awful the first few days are but like you the thought of going into ketosis is keeping me going. I'm hoping I can get back to goal weight in a month - I need to lose 12lbs to get there (most of which I've put on in December). I maintained for 4 months but really did lose the plot this month.
Good luck everyone
Hey all
I started at midnight. Hoping the new year will be the start of a new me :)
Bring on ketosis!
Hi, I'm a restart, but w8 too. I hope you don't mind me crashing your boards, but it is really much busier here and the diets are quite similar in some ways!

I've done my first shake of the day - I think part of the problem is that I'm waiting to feel yuck on days 3/4, so off to do something to distract myself!

Here goes!
Good luck everyone. :)
Happy 2011 guys!
Hope all those that started today are managing OK.
I'm now on Day 2 and oh-my-goodness did I have some crazy dreams last night!! I remember that from the first time I did LL - really vivid and crazy dreams - anyone else get those?! Interspersed with getting up every 2 hours to go for a wee!!! Am feeling OK today - daughter with her daddy this weekend so I've got time to focus on me and getting back to ketosis, which hopefully isn't too far away!
Hi Loula and Preeti,
Welcome back - Good Luck. You both sound determined,
Happy 2011. xx
good luck ladies im starting my left over cd packs on the 3rd then going for it after that :) i cant wait this hogmany and new year have made me think i usually would be out from the 31st till the 3rd but my weight is making me stay in today nothing fits ive fobbed off all my friends with excuses not to go out, my kness are sore with extra weight and im feeling pretty much depessed with my self and really ugly and its all my own fault, i know i cant be like this next year and its LL of i shall be surgery and id much rather do LL
sorry for the moan
cant wait to get on the wagon with you all xxx
Hi there you all, returning myself and starting on Friday (Class is Thursday evening!), just discovered this site and hoping it will encourage me to keep motivated especially during the tough times... looking forward to getting to know you all soon...

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