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Jay's Diary - Aiming to lose 1 stone!

Hey all,

At the moment I weigh 10 stone and cannot seem to shift below that. As of today I have started counting calories and am making a start on getting more regular exercise.

I have been eating quite a lot of junk food but today I have resisted all temptations and haven't touched any. As some of you may know from previous posts, I am quite a fussy eater, but today I had a small lunch containing foods such as corned beef, green grapes and tuna chunks on crackerbread - not food I tend to eat on a daily basis but will do my best eat healthier daily.

Once I got home from work I went out for a half hour jog, feel quite good right now. I just hope I can get through this first week so I can get used to the changes I've made.

Wish me luck! I will keep you all informed of my progess. :)
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Heya hun, hope that everything goes well for you.
It's important to eat things that you like otherwise you'll resent eating healthily. Don't force yourself to eat something healthy if you really don't like it.
Best wishes.
Well done on the jog, enjoy the endorphins :)
Hey guys,

I'm afraid I'm too busy lately to be posting here on a daily basis but will be posting every week to tell you all how I've been doing.

I'm happy to say that since my last post I have lost 3lbs! :D I went out for a jog last night which was quite intense, I pushed myself hard and I felt great. I'm going out again today and I can't wait.

I will post next week to tell you how I've done. Thank you for the support. :)


On A Mission!
Well done! thats a great start especially as you have been struggling to shift anymore weight.


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Heya well done on the 3lbs! And the jog actually, that's great!
Hope everything continues to go so well :)
Hey guys,

I'm a bit late in posting, my 2nd week weigh in was -2lb. My jogging is coming along great too. Today I jogged 1.5 miles for the first time and comleted it in 17 minutes. :)

I'll post again on monday with the outcome of my 3rd week.

Take care all and thanks for the support!
Well done on the loss, You will be at your target before you know it!!!



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Well done hun! The jogging is great! I hope I'll be able to do that sometime soon.
Hope you continue to do so well :)
Hey guys,

It's that time of week again, and I'm excited to say I have lost another 2lbs. I'm ever more excited to say that I'm half way there, I have lost half a stone! :D

I'm going to try even harder this week. I have been running for 1.5 miles and feel I am ready to take it to the next step and run 2 miles.

See you next week with the outcome of my next weigh-in. :)
Hey all,

I thought I'd make another post. I've had a really good day. I jogged for 2 miles today!!! :D And on top of that... I walked for 50 minutes.

I'm trying so hard to push myself and it's working. I can't wait to go even further. :)

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