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jeez, im back and bigger than ever and too close to my wedding :(

hi, jeez guys im back again and im lacking in self beleif, i did it before but only lasted 8 weeks,
im now 16.3 and need to be 11 for my wedding
i started yesterday and already feel really really cold and tired, i cant remember how long this lasts and how i can keep the reason at the front of my head,
could any one tell me how long you bin on here and how much you lost in how much time and just stuff:cry:
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Oh, darlin' I realise it may be much harder the second time around, but PLEASE have the positive mindset that you CAN do this, it's only a few weeks out of your life and the results are SO spectacular.....we are all here to support you and yes, I know the first week or two can be s**t but it will be so worth it when the compliments start rolling in..... I've lost 2stone 4 lbs in 7 weeks now, yes my hands are cold, but since 2 and a half weeks into LT I am no longer hungry, even though I cook delish meals for my OH all the time......I'm am a real foodaholic and NO-ONE believed I could EVER do this LT diet....but I feel and look AB-FAB. Go for it 100% girl, you will be over the moon....and into that beautiful dress in no time!


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hi gemsie :)
don't let the task ahead overwhelm you, you can do it.
I have only done 4 weeks but there are people still going dtong on here after way more than that and i'm sure they'll be along soon with support!
when is your wedding?
how long did you last when you were on LT before?


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I'm here!

Have been on LT for 12 weeks and have lost 4st 1.5lbs.

Ok so youve done it before and know what to expect. Why did you stop may i ask?

Please dont go into this thinking its a quick fix to get you to your goal weight for your wedding - its about changing and realising the way you think about food. This must change for you to suceed and keep the weight off.

So you want to get to 11st from 16.3 in how long????

p.s welcome back and i wish you luck! :)


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sorry, wheni said how long did you last, i mean to ask how much you lost!
hi, jeez guys im back again and im lacking in self beleif, i did it before but only lasted 8 weeks,
im now 16.3 and need to be 11 for my wedding
i started yesterday and already feel really really cold and tired, i cant remember how long this lasts and how i can keep the reason at the front of my head,
could any one tell me how long you bin on here and how much you lost in how much time and just stuff:cry:

I ve lost 3lb short of 3 stone in ten weeks!! never cheated, just kept my eye on my goal. You can do it if you put your mind to it!!!! Good luck hun
Hi Gemsie and welcome (back!) to LT.

I can't add much more to what these guys have said - it's a great supportive place here and you'll get the all the good wishes or butt kickings you need as and when needed, lol!

How about setting yourself mini goals before the wedding. Rather than focusing entirely on your goal weight, give yourself a well deserved pat on the back or special treat with every half stone/whole stone. It might make the road a little less like one big hard slog and more like a journey with pleasant stop offs on the way :)

You've done it before so you KNOW you can do this. Believe it, stick to it - and you'll do it.
the reason i cracked last time was enchiladas, i made them for my oh and kids and felt really ****, so decidsed to stuff my fqce and could ever get back on... i kjnow im a pig, and i just cant help myself i am at my witts end, again, but i still have to get into my dress and look nice and i hope to have a boob op in july but i cant if i am not near enoiugh at my goal weight, i just need my jaw wired or a big hard kick up the arse......
Find a pic of the wedding dress you will be wearing and print a few off, then stick them up (fridge door, wardrobe etc) to remind you of your goal....may help!
i think a kick up the arse would be far preferable to jaw wiring!!

:vibes:sending you some positive vibes, cos i hate to see people think so badly of themselves.

And don't think of yourself so badly, you're NOT a pig. we all have failings and flaws and i think part of being on LT is taking time to reflect on your relatiionship with food and to address the issues that made us so overweight in the first place.

It's hard. It's not an overnight solution. It takes willpower, dedicationa nd perseverance.

And don't go making enchilladas again, do you hear me?
thanks, i feel way ad tho, it is actually like i casnt stop myself i really cant i just eat and eat and eat all day , i did this before and in november i was 13.1 i am 3 st 2 heavier than that now/?? how the hell did that happen, because i am a total nutter i spose, i just eat and eat and never ever ever get full up
seriously the last few days i can et millions of food
a typical day for me lately has been this

6 crumpets with butter
2 pieces toast with peanut butter sandwich
2 big easter egss,
4 slices made into sanwiches,
huge dinner, either roast or spag bol or backed potatoe and chicken salad and coleslaw, followed by crisps and choclate and biscuits
and prob some more toast, ( about 4 or 5 or six) with peanut butter and jam and honestly that is normal??????????? what the effing hell is wrong with me
i need to sort it out


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No that really isnt normal - you are eating around a loaf of bread a day!!!!!! :eek: no wonder you have put on so much weight since november. Carbs like that if youre going to have them need working off!


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There was a thread posted on here the other day by someone called Jasmine and it was fantastic. She gave some really good advice, I'll find it and post the name of it for you and I tell you, it certainly gave me inspiration to keep going.
OK, so you've been a little crazy with food in the past, thats why we're all on this diet BUT now is your chance to shake off those demons and create a new you. Not just to get slim but to change the way you look at yourself and the way you look at food.
It has its hard moments, granted but just have a think about why you want to do this.
Even write a list of pro's and con's to your life now and how your life COULD be if you buckled down on this diet.
One thing I can assure you of though, is that the longer you're on the diet and the more you stay motivated, the bigger the changes you will see in yourself, not just from a physical aspect but also on how you view food and you'll become very aware on how you got to where you are and devise plans on how to make sure you don't get back there again.
I've been looking at healthy recipes and foods that I can substitute from fattening to healthier choice and it's preparing me for when I come off the diet.
Your wedding is a great goal to aim for but you also want to aim for the long run too. :):):)


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OK..the thread is called "Come on people" and it's by Yasmine, not Jasmine! Ooops!


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believe in the power of lipotrim again

hi there i've been doing LT since 21/03/09 and can honestly say i felt the same as you on day three, so i decided to go to bed, even though it was the middle of the afternoon! i thought my first weigh in would never come round but when it did i had lost 12 pounds, it's the weigh ins that keep you going. I then decided to walk 5 miles every day and got a wonderful feeling of euphoria, walking along and just thinking about the pounds melting away. I was just under 16 stone when i started and unbeliving, but am currently just over 14 stone and feel amazing. I went into Tesco and tried to pick up the same weight of potatoes as the weight i have lost and that shocked me, i had to pretend i was checking for mouldy ones so i didn't get funny looks!, so im trying to say find amusing ways of coping with this plan, it gets better and so will you xx :talk017:
ive bein doin it just gone 3 weeks and have lost a stone so far i do agree with summer about changing the way you think about food as i ABUSED food and now im paying the price but not for too long i will do this diet and so can you think of your goal you walking down the aisle looking absloutely fab with photos to be proud of how nice does that sound keep your eyes on the prize!!!!


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Hi Gemsie and welcome.

I think we're all in this position because we had big issues with food. All of us would have been eating the wrong things and too many of them but this diet helps you realise your wrongdoings and how you could put them right or put a stop to them.

I'm into week 16 now and had no blips or stops and starts. I've lost 5st 4lbs so far and am amazed at how easy I have found it. My confidence has soared and the I am now wearing size 14 trousers to work. At Christmas I was in size 20/22. Can't believe how much weight I've lost in so little time.

You have such a great goal to aim for to lose this weight, I can't see how you can fail. Just keep your goal in mind, stay positive and motivated and you can do it. We are all here for you.

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