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Jelly Belly to Yummy Mummy's Food Diary! :)

Tuesday 30th March (1st day!)
Green Day

Breakfast: Hifi Bar (B choice)

Dinner: Eggs w/ frylight, baked beans, SW chips with paprika and pepper (ALL FREE)

Snack: Vanilla Mullerlight (FREE), 3x Bourbons(10.5 SYNS)

Tea: Pasta, pasatta, peas (ALL FREE) 57g Bacon (B CHOICE), 42g reducted fat cheese (A CHOICE) & strawberries w/ sweetener (FREE)

Supper: 2x Malted Milk (4 SYNS) & 250ml semi skimmed milk (A CHOICE)

TOTAL: 14.5 syns :)
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Wednesday 31th March (2nd day!)
Green Day

Breakfast: Honey Nut Shreddies (B choice) 250ml semi skimmed milk (A choice)

Snack: Hifi Bar (B Choice)

Dinner: SW Chips w/ paprika, pasatta (FREE), 42g reduced fat cheese (A Choice)

Snack: Cadbury's Fudge (5.5 SYNS), Muller light (FREE)

Tea: Roast parsnips, roast carrots, garden peas, instant mash (FREE), Chicken (5 SYNS), Bacon (2 SYNS), Bisto (2 SYNS) & Muller light (FREE)

Supper: 1x Malted Milk (2 SYNS) & Cadbury's Highlight (2 SYNS)

TOTAL: 18.5 syns.. OUCH! Accidently had 3 B choices so had to change chicken from B choice to Syns :(
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Ohh no i'm not pregnant, I had my son 15 months ago LOL! I missed that extra B out, had the Hifi earlier on in the day so by the time I got to tea time I'd forgot, silly me!! Thanks for showing me!
Thursday 1st April (3rd day!)
Extra Easy

Breakfast: HN Shreeddies (B choice) & 125ml semi skimmed milk (Half an A choice)

Dinner: Chilli Chicken low noodles, peas, chicken, strawberries & raspberries (ALL FREE)

Snack: Sunbites (6 SYNS) SW Quiche; low fat cottage cheese, 2x eggs, ham, bacon, mushrooms, pepper (ALL FREE)

Tea: SW Wedges, paprika, pepper, carrots & baked beans (ALL FREE)

Supper: 20g Maltesers (5 SYNS) 125ml semi skimmed milk (Half an A choice), Highlight (2 SYNS)

Friday 2nd April (4th day!)
Extra Easy

Breakfast: 57g wholemeal roll (B CHOICE), mushrooms, frylight, egg & bacon (ALL FREE), ketchup (1 SYN) + Flora light (1 SYN)

Dinner: Gammon, baked beans, jacket potato (ALL FREE) + 4 Dairylea Light Triangles (A CHOICE)

Snacks: Lemon Muller (1 SYN), Raspberry sorbet (2 SYNS)

Tea: BBQ Fridge Raiders (3 SYNS) + Tomato Mugshot (FREE)

Supper: Grapes (FREE) & Treat size Maltesers (5 SYNS)

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Saturday 3rd April (5th day!)
Green Day

Breakfast: 28g HN Shreddies (B CHOICE) + 125ml semi-skimmed milk (A CHOICE)

Dinner: SW wedges, frylight, passatta, paprika, basil, salt & pepper (ALL FREE) + 42g reduced fat cheese (A CHOICE)

Snacks: Lemon Muller (1 SYN), French Fries Walkers (4 SYNS), Cadbury's Freddo (5 SYNS), Bite of son's pizza (1 SYN)

Tea: Pasta, garden peas, passatta, salt (ALL FREE) 85g raw bacon (B CHOICE)

Supper: Strawberries & Raspberries (ALL FREE)

Sunday 4th April (6th day!)
Extra Easy

Breakfast: Mandarin Mullerlight (FREE)

Dinner: Cauli, roast carrots, roast parsnips, mushy peas, new potatoes, beef, SW roasties, frylight, salt (ALL FREE), 10g Bisto (1 SYN)

Snacks: 2x SW fibre crackerbreads (2 SYNS) Ham (FREE), 4x D'lea Light Triangles (A CHOICE), Hifi Bar (B CHOICE),

Tea: TBA

Supper: TBA


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